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The Best Troll Toy Sets For Kids

The Best Troll Toy Sets For Kids

. 14 min read

The sensational DreamWorks Troll toys are now a craze among young children. Each of the troll characters is known for their funny hairstyles and their special characteristics.  They are extremely fun and engaging and allow the child to imagine a lot of interesting scenarios. There are a lot of benefits that come from playing with these troll kid’s toys through their imaginative aspects, dress-up features and a lot more than they have to offer. To help your child burst into song with the trolls we have made a list of the 12 Best Troll Toy Sets For Kids that are simply amazing. What are you waiting for? Let’s get started.

1. Easiest Troll Character Toy To Use: DREAMWORKS TROLLS Poppy Hug Time Harmony Figure

Princess Poppy is the leader of the trolls who can sing very beautiful songs. In this troll toy set, she sings lovely songs and says a lot of phrases from the troll movie. She has very soft hair that children can enjoy brushing and playing with. She comes wearing her signature dress, with a beautiful tiara and the Hug time watch from the movie. When she is put next to her troll friends she begins harmonizing with the other troll toys as they sing. This troll kid toy is designed with vibrant and attractive colors for children of all ages. This is a great troll gift for kids.


  • By pressing the Hug Time watch you can hear her sing
  • This troll character toy comes with a set of useful instructions that kids can follow
  • She has a lot of important details like her signature dress, tiara, and the Hug time watch


  • This toy has small parts which can be harmful to the child
  • It does not have a volume button

What Stands Out About The Troll Toy

She can harmonize with other troll character toys as they sing songs from the movie. This is a lot of fun for little kids to watch.

2. Best Troll Kids Toy For Developing New Skills: Crayola Trolls Light Up Tracing Pad Gift

The Crayola Light-Up Tracing Pad is the best troll gift for kids. It comes with ample supplies that children can use to get started with drawing. You will find a tracing pad, 12 colored pencils, a graphite pencil, some sheets of tracing paper, and blank paper. All of these materials help children to improve their drawing skills while also bringing their favorite troll character toys to life. This is the most simple troll toy for kids to use and it is very efficient. The colorful tools, the LED backlight, and its compact nature help to make it worthy of your little one.


  • It comes with 1 tracing pad, 12 colored pencils, a graphite pencil and much more
  • It has a backlit drawing set that locks the paper into play when children are tracing
  • The set's backlit light also illuminates the drawing
  • The troll toy can be carried around easily


The batteries are not included with this troll toy set

What Stands Out About The Troll Kids Toy

It comes with an LED backlight that brightens the paper so that children can see the lines that they are making. This greatly improves their drawing skills as well.

These troll gifts for your child help to improve their imagination, their skills, and above all give them space for creative expression. This toy is suited for children above 12 months as they are more interested in drawing at the age. If your child is 7 months old you can think of getting them other useful toys that can boost their thinking and learning as early as possible. These 7-month old toys provide the best foundation for a young child to learn. Check out this list of the Best Toy for 7-Month Old Babies so that you can buy them something useful and fun.

3. Best Problem-Solving Troll Gift For Kids:  Cardinal Trolls Floor Puzzle with Hair

Gift your little one this amazing and large floor puzzle. It is extremely huge and comes with 46 pieces in total. The puzzle pictures are very beautiful which attracts the children when they are playing. The troll hair that comes with the troll toy set is quite an exciting attraction. Kids can play with this troll toy again and again because it always has something new to enjoy. As they put the puzzle pieces together it helps them to develop better problem-solving skills and encourages tactical thinking as well. When playtime gets done the puzzle pieces are easy to store and do not create a mess.


  • This troll character toy has 46 pieces for kids to play with
  • It can be stored easily when not in use
  • The pieces are brightly painted and very vibrant


  • The tiny pieces of this troll kids toy can be a choking hazard

What Stands Out About The Troll Kids Toy

These puzzles pieces come with troll toy hair that makes it a lot more fun to play with. Children can try sticking the troll hair anywhere they want on the puzzle.

4. Most Interactive Troll Toy Set: Hasbro Gaming Twister Game

Get twisting, tangling, and have some hair-raising fun with this troll kids toy. It is a fantastic twister game with a unique troll toy theme to it. To make things interesting the spinner looks like the troll character called Guy Diamond. He acts as the referee for the game and gives out instructions for all the players. Each player has to place their hands or feet on the colorful twister positions. Sometimes there are unique instructions like singing a song, dancing, or doing a funny action. This adds an extra layer of fun to an already exciting troll toy game.


  • The Guy diamond spinner has troll toy hair on it
  • It comes with a mat, spinner, diamond arrow, and an instruction manual
  • There are some unique instructions for the players to act out


  • The board is a little small for adults who wish to play with their kids

What Stands Out About The Troll Characters Toy

It has many unique twister instructions like singing, dancing and acting out. Children will love doing these unique actions.

5. Best Designed Troll Character Toy: DREAMWORKS TROLLS Bridget 9-Inch Figure

This DreamWorks troll character toy is very colorful and vibrant. It is based on Bridget the troll character from the movie. In this set, Bridget is all ready to become a roller disco queen. She has a pair of amazing roller skates that can be removed whenever needed. Her sculpted jumpsuit is a nice added touch, and so is her rainbow-colored hair. This 9-inch troll kid’s toy is much bigger than the other troll toy sets and your child can place them side by side to enjoy their differences. Let your little one have an amazing time with the skating troll toy in her glittery sparkly outfit.


  • This troll kid’s toy comes with her roller skates which can be removed
  • The set includes a beautiful sparkly outfit along with the skates
  • The jumpsuit is removable
  • Compared to the other troll character toys, this one is much bigger and easier to handle


  • The small parts and balloons in this toy could pose a choking hazard for a small child

What Stands Out About The Troll Toy Set

This wonderful troll toy for kids is 9 inches tall and has removable skates as well as a jumpsuit.

6. Best Troll Toy For Girls:  Townley Girl My Beauty Spa Kit

Treat your little girl to some troll toy fun with the help of this spa and beauty kit. It comes with 4 shades of nail polish, flip flop sandals, a nail buffer, and pedicure separators. Children who love the Troll characters will enjoy seeing all of them decorated on this set. Once they begin it is so easy to apply the nail polish. It dries very quickly and does not stain the floor or carpets. The sandals are adjustable for younger children and they look beautiful. All of the amazing items in this spa kit give your little girl a relaxing and enjoyable time.


  • The polish is easy to apply and it dries quickly
  • A set of flip flop sandals come with the troll toy set
  • It contains a nail buffer, 4 nail polishes, and soft glittery pedicure separators
  • The nail polish does not have a strong odor


  • The flip flop sandals may be too small if your child is older than 4 years

What Stands Out About The Troll Gift For Girls

It can be used for a relaxing spa time with the child and it comes with 4 nail polish shades.

This troll gift for girls is a wonderful thing to give to your child so that they can have a relaxing spa time. It is also so much fun to play with all the colorful nail polishes. Along with this wonderful toy, you can also think of gifting other toys to girls who are 2-years old and younger. At this age, 2-year old girls can benefit from toys and gifts that grasp their attention and engage them in creative play. To help you we have compiled a list of the Best Toy And Gift Ideas For 2-Year Old Girls.

7. Best Troll Kids Toy For Groups: Trolls Operation Board Game

Based on the classic Operation game this Troll Kids Toy board game comes with all the necessary tools to help out the trolls. In this set, the troll characters have charms stuck in their hair and need help getting it out. With the help of tweezers, the child has to pick out the charms very carefully. One missed action can set off the buzzer. This wonderful troll toy for kids is great for large groups. Children can take turns and try to collect as many charms as possible to win. Or one child can practice their motor skills by carefully helping the trolls. This kind of play is very important for the child and they must be encouraged to do it.


  • It works very well for group play
  • The buzzer sound is very fascinating for children to hear
  • There are two ways to play the game, either with a large group or on your own
  • This troll toy set has 12 charms, a game board, and tweezers


  • The small parts in this troll kid’s toy may be a choking hazard for children under three

What Stands Out About The Troll Characters Toy

It is great for group play as many kids can take turns to get the most charms without setting off the buzzer.

8. Best Troll Gift For Boys:  Trolls Poppy Kid-Friendly Headphones

Give your little boy this wonderful troll kid’s toy that doubles as a fantastic headphone set! It is very safe to use since parents can control the volume and make sure that children's ears aren't damaged with any loud sounds. Once it is connected children can listen to any songs whenever they want. It produces high-quality sound and has great performance features. The Poppy troll graphics will make your young child adore it. Along with that, it comes with cute troll hair that instantly makes your little one look like an adorable troll character straight out of the movies. This is the best troll toy for boys since it is well-made, easy to use, and a lot of fun to play with.


  • There is a parent-friendly adjustable volume limiter
  • It can be connected to any audio device
  • The performance of this troll toy headphone is very good
  • It has padded ear cushions and an adjustable headband


  • The foam earpieces tend to come off easily

What Stands Out About The Troll Toy For Boys

It is the best troll gift for boys since it comes with beautiful troll graphics and also some exciting troll hair that produces funny effects.

9. Best Musical Troll Character Toy:  DreamWorks Trolls Poppy's Wooferbug Beats

The DreamWorks Wooferbug troll toy set is packed with lots of activities for young kids. The first thing it does is play amazing songs from the troll movie. Children just have to press the disc and the song begins playing. If they press it again then DJ music begins playing over the song. Along with the bug, they also get Poppy the amazing troll leader. She is dressed in her blue outfit and can act like the cool DJ for you. Use the pair of headphones given and help Poppy to listen to the music while she plays it. The Fuzzy flair hair shapes can be placed around this troll kid’s toy to give it a hilarious look.


  • It can play many songs from the Trolls movie
  • This troll toy contains one figure, a bug that plays sounds, 4 fuzzy shapes, and a set of fancy headphones
  • This troll toy set produces DJ effects over the songs from the Trolls movie


  • It has an on and demo switch but no off button to use

What Stands Out About The Troll Kids Toy

It plays a lot of songs from the movies as well as contains DJ remixes to the songs. This is a very cool aspect of the toy and the child will have fun with Poppy acting as a DJ.

10. Best Customizable Troll Kids Toy: DreamWorks Trolls POD'ular Troll Tree

This troll toy for kids is 16 inches of pure fun packed into one wonderful toy. It consists of a lovely tree with enough space for Poppy and all of her friends to live in it. In this troll toy set, Poppy the leader is ready to explore it with you. There is a zip line that she can ride by simply clipping her hair to it. When she needs to come down, a wonderful slide extends down the tree trunk. The beautifully constructed tree also has a lot of hiding spots and some amazing accessories to play with. You can help Poppy make the tree look better by swapping the pods and customizing all of them. When all the work is done, Poppy can lounge outside the main pod area and rest.


  • The leader Poppy comes with this troll toy set
  • It has a zip line and many nooks for hiding
  • The tree is easy to customize by swapping each of the pods
  • The entire troll toy for kids contains 4 pods, 3 mushrooms, a bug clip, zip line, a tiara, and the manual for instructions


  • Children under three could choke on the marble, small ball, or uninflated balloon in this set
  • The tree tips backward and needs something to lean on when being played with

What Stands Out About The Troll Toy

It comes with a realistic-looking tree that has many customizable pods. Children can spend hours playing with the troll character toy and all of its amazing features.

11. Best Building Troll Kids Toy:  LEGO Trolls World Tour Pop Village Celebration

This troll gift for kids is inspired by the Trolls World Tour Movie. It comes packed with loads of accessories and a lot of creative building fun. With this set, you get five troll characters including Poppy, Branch, Cooper, Guy Diamond, and Tiny Diamond. The child can style the troll toy hair and give them funky hairstyles. They can also have fun building the pods, the large tree, and putting together the musical elements with the 380 Lego pieces in the set. All of the pieces are numbered in three bags to make the construction process easier. It also has a manual instructions book, as well as an online app for parents. Building toys have a lot of benefits for kids including improving their motor skills and creativity.


  • The trolls kid toy contains 5 troll mini-figures like Guy Diamond, Tiny Diamond, Poppy, Cooper, and Branch
  • Tiny diamond can be hatched from an egg
  • Children can style the trolls hair with this toy
  • It has detailed manual form instructions to guide youngsters as well as an online app


  • It has a small bat that could be a choking hazard for children under three

What Stands Out About The Troll Toy

Children love the building elements of this toy. It helps them to be as creative as possible and put many cool elements together.

Apart from this troll characters toy building set, there are a lot of other building toys that kids simply adore. These building toys comes with many other features that can help with improving color coordination. Motor skills, communication, and a child’s social skills as well. To give your kid the best and most fruitful learning experience, we have made a list of the Best Building Toy For Kids. Check it out to learn more and get them started on the right path.

12. Best Unique Troll Character Toy: Play-Doh Trolls Press N Style Salon Model Kit

Play-Doh has always been one of the most fun toys for little children. Now you can combine the fun of Play-Doh with the excitement of the troll character toys. Your child can make colorful Play-Doh hairstyles for the two troll toys, Poppy and Branch. This troll toy for kids comes with many shapes, styles, and accessories that can be made from the book mold. Your little one can enjoy giving them as many makeovers as they want. It is very easy to cut the hair and keep making a lot more hairstyles one after the other. The fun is endless with this simple and fantastic toy.


  • The child has to simply press a button once for silly hair to be made with the Play-Doh
  • The mold has many fun shapes and styles
  • It contains the Poppy and Branch troll character toys together
  • There are also other features like a book mold, a pair of scissors, and 7 cans of Play-Doh


  • The Play-Doh gets stuck in the troll toy heads and need regular removal

What Stands Out About The Troll Kids Toy

Children can keep making new hairstyles for troll toys. It is very easy to cut the hair and start on a new style soon.

Now that you know about the best troll toy sets for kids you can gift your child one that suits them best. No matter which troll toy you end up getting you will be giving them hours of a fun time. Get ready, get steady, and go along for some hair raising fun!

Troll Character Toys FAQ

What size are these Trolls Figures?

Some of the troll toys can be as small as 2-3 inches tall whereas troll character toys like Bridget are almost 9 inches tall. Check this list to see which troll toy your child would like best.

What kind of hair do the Trolls figures have?

All of the troll character toys come with colorful and funky troll hair that children can style however they want. The hair is soft and easy to brush.

Will my boy child be interested in these troll toys?

Troll toys are for kids of all ages and genders. Each toy in this list has a lot of fun features, accessories, and imaginative elements that all children will be able to enjoy.

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