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The 15 Best Toys & Gift Ideas For A 2-Year Old Girl

The 15 Best Toys & Gift Ideas For A 2-Year Old Girl

. 17 min read

When looking for the best toy 2-year old girls will like there are so many things to consider. Little girls at this age are bursting with energy, their minds are like sponges that are ready to absorb a lot of information.  It is important to choose 2-year old girl toys that targets important areas within her life and that will shape her in the best ways. That is why we have put together a list of the most important things you need to consider when choosing a 2-year old girl’s gift.

2-Year Old Girl Toy Considerations

  • Safety: We make sure that we pick the most highly rated gifts and toys that are safe, easy to use, and would not cause harm to the child in any way.
  • Education: A thing of utmost importance is to find 2-year old toys for girls that are fun to play with and also teaches her a lot. By promoting learning through games her skills will be sharpened and so will her decision making processes.
  • Motor Skills: You will be shocked at how efficiently these products are designed to sharpen the motor skills, reflexes, and inbuilt abilities of little children.
  • Social Skills: A great gift to 2-year old girls is one that teaches her how to share, interact with children her age, and also mimic the actions of adults. These toys will teach her how to do that within a fun learning environment.
  • Imagination: The best toys for 2-year old girls are creative toys which help to enhance imaginations and will get your little girl thinking in new and unique ways.

You will be surprised at just how many wonderful toys and gift options there are for 2-year old girls. Now it may seem like you have a lot to check for when looking at the best gifts for a 2-year old girl. That is not something that you will have to worry about because we have combed through a long list of toys to find the very best for you. We have handpicked products of the highest quality that won’t exceed your budget and will last for a long time as your girl grows and develops.

Here is a detailed list of 15 Great Toys For a 2-Year Old Girl

1. Best Toy For A 2-Year Old Girl That Fosters Motor Coordination: Melissa And Doug Wooden Building Blocks Set
Melissa & Doug Wooden Building Blocks Set

This building block set has 100 wooden blocks painted in four eye-catching colours. It will surely keep your little girl busy, interested, and away from the television or mobile screens. The nine different block shapes will teach her to use her imagination while joining them in multiple creative ways. You will be surprised at how interesting little children find this, and very often you can join in too!


  • It has 100 building blocks with beautiful vibrant colours
  • Allows the child to be creative and explore many different ways of seeing the world


  • Some of the pieces are quite small and a child might put it in their mouth
  • Does not include a storage box for the blocks

What Sets It Apart: It is one of the best gifts for a 2-year old girl because it does not come with instructions or patterns to follow. The blocks are simply tools in the hand of your child, ready to be moulded into something new. You will find that your little girl is drawn to creating something new and exciting.

2. Best Toy For Two Year Olds That Make Them Think: Think Fun Roll And Play Game For Toddlers
 ThinkFun Roll and Play Game for Toddlers

This roll and play game is a fun 2-year old girl gift idea for sure! It comes packed with 48 interactive cards and a ‘What You Get’ cube. Little children love to act and move around a lot. This awesome toy will not only provide endless learning opportunities for your little girl, but it will also give her a space to be creative and active. The best part about it is that parents also enjoy acting out the cards along with their children!


  • There are 48 cards with so many awesome activities on them
  • It has a handy pack of instructions both for parents and children
  • It encourages learning of letters, numbers, and colours
  • There is a storage pack for all the cards when playtime is over


  • The plush cube can get dirty easily

What Sets It Apart: It is the perfect toy for your 2-year old baby girl if she is active and very curious. It creates a space for easy and effortless bonding between parents and children.

3. VTech Doc McStuffins Talk And Trace Clipboard

Image result for 3. VTech Doc McStuffins Talk & Trace Clipboard
VTech doc mcstuffins talk & trace clipboard

The Talk and Trace clipboard is a magnetic drawing board that will keep your child occupied for a long time. With a programmed Doc McStuffins voice as well as that of her friends, it is a joy for children and promotes curiosity. It comes equipped with three stencils for your little one to learn about letters, numbers, and to develop better hand-eye coordination. It is a great gift idea for a 2-year old baby girl because there are 30+ playful melodies and sounds which will make things very interesting for her.


  • Can be used for all children between the age of 2-5 through their growing and development period
  • Comes programmed with Doc McStuffin’s voice as well as the voices of her friends
  • Fun and interesting melodies keep the child occupied for a long time
  • Three stencils with letter recognition technology to learn how to write numbers, letters, and develop better handwriting
  • Stencils can be removed for creative drawing and free play


  • The Doc McStuffins voice can be very loud even on a lower volume setting
  • The tablet doesn’t recognize letters or numbers written without the stencil present
  • It does not have storage space for the stencils when not in use

What Sets It Apart: It is a wonderful gift idea for a 2-year old girl to show her how to write, read letters numbers, and to be creative. The character voices also positively encourage the child and teach them many fun facts. You will notice how the encouragement impacts the child and builds their confidence.

4. Most Adventurous 2-Year Old Girl Toy: Fisher-Price Thomas And Friends Tough Trike
Fisher-Price Thomas & Friends Tough Trike

This wonderful tricycle is a popular toy for a 2-year old girl. It is sturdy, stable, and a lot of fun to ride. This little tricycle will not only give your child hours of fun and adventure, but it will also increase her motor skills and strengthen her muscles. It has a lovely eye-catching colour and has rugged tires so that she can balance just fine. Not only will she feel confident moving around on it, but there is a secret storage compartment under the seat so that all of her toys can conveniently ride along with her.


  • Beautiful Thomas the Tank design
  • Storage unit under the seat can hold many toys at once
  • The rugged tires will help the tricycle remain sturdy and safe while riding


  • It is tough for shorter children to reach the pedals easily

What Sets It Apart: This is an adventurous toy that helps children to develop their confidence, motor skills, and to have fun. You will be happy to see your little girl riding about on the tricycle and playing with it outdoors.

5. Least Messy Present For A 2-Year Old Girl: AquaDoodle Accessories-Travel Doodle
AquaDoodle - Accessories - Travel Doodle - Neon

The AquaDoodle travel doodling book is the most fun way to keep your toddler occupied on long journeys or crowded places. Simply fill up the AquaDoodle pen with water and let your child begin drawing on the two colourful pages. Watch your child unleash their creative side with this wonderful toy.  It is a great gift for parents too since it does not create any mess, and keep the little ones quiet and absorbed with no effort.


  • The AquaDoodle pen just has to be filled with water for it to work, thereby preventing any mess from happening
  • The travel doodle book is made of durable material and can withstand rough handling from all toddlers.
  • It helps to keep children occupied during road trips, in busy places, on planes, and more


  • The small parts of the toy can be a choking hazard for small children so care must be taken by caregivers

What Sets It Apart: The travel Doodle book is one of the great gift ideas for a 2-year old girl that you must explore. It will awaken the inner creativity of your child, keep them occupied for a long time, and also save parents from cleaning up big messes. You will be happy to see the creative side of the child bubbling up.

6. Most Adorable Toy For 2-Year Old Girl: Betterline Finger Puppet Set
Betterline finger puppet set

Looking for a lovely toy for a 2-year old girl? The BETTERLINE Finger Puppet Set is one of the most adorable and creative things you can get her. With 20 finger puppets in this set, she will never run out of skits to enact and characters to love. These colourful finger puppets are easily portable and a great addition to your little girl’s playtime. This special gift will help to boost her learning and encourage her to be imaginative and creative during storytelling.


  • It arrives with 20 finger puppets consisting of 14 different types of animals and some human characters
  • Puppets are fitted with a band on the inside so that they will stay securely on the finger
  • Made with colourful and good quality material


  • Since the finger puppets are small care should be taken when young children are playing with them

What Sets It Apart: This creative gift is not only fun to play with but it also helps to develop the child’s language skills, express their feelings and encourages thinking. You will find that the child becomes more expressive with the finger puppets and it can be a tool for parents to relate to their children as well. It would be a sweet birthday gift for a girl at 2-years old.

7. Best Toy For 2-Year Old Girl That Promotes Sharing: LeapFrog Shapes And Sharing Picnic Basket
Leapfrog shapes and sharing picnic basket

What better way to encourage little ones to share than through a colourful and exciting picnic basket. The LeapFrog Shapes and Sharing Picnic Basket is a wonderful toy with 15 brightly coloured picnic items. The child can learn a lot just by matching the food shapes to the shape sorter in the basket. It is an interactive gift idea for a 2-year old girl and also comes equipped with 150+ songs, melodies, and phrases. This beautiful toy has so many features that will keep the little one occupied for hours. Each aspect of it is carefully designed to promote learning through play.


  • Interactive shape sorter teaches the child more about each shape
  • The basket also lights up and plays music
  • The child can feed the basket and receive encouragement
  • They are taught manners through the polite request feature
  • 15 brightly coloured plates, forks, cups, food items are part of the picnic set
  • Parents can program time modes for different interesting activities


  • Requires three AA batteries for regular use of the picnic basket

What Sets It Apart: The picnic basket has many attractive elements that make it a top gift for a 2-year old girl. Apart from its colourful parts, it teaches the child about sharing, shapes, colours, and phrases.

8. Most Interactive Gift 2-Year Old Girls Will Love: VTech Touch And Learn Activity Desk Deluxe
VTech Touch and Learn Activity Desk Deluxe

There is so much for young children to learn through touch, sight, and sound. This is why the VTech Touch and Learn Activity Desk is a fabulous toy idea for a 2-year old girl. It has five amazing activity pages that your toddler will just adore! They will pick up so much with the vocabulary words, activities, songs, and melodies and all this can be written down for practice on the chalkboard located underneath. Children are very creative and have so many imaginative thoughts which are why they would love the easel that also comes with this desk. For parents, there are buttons on the desk that provide reports of the child’s progress. With so many features, it is well worth the slightly higher price.


  • It has engaging and interesting content packed in 5 activity pages
  • Can be transformed into an easel and chalkboard
  • Toy telephone for the child to engage in pretend play
  • The stool is also part of the set
  • Progress button records the child’s progress over time
  • Helps children to learn how to write numbers and letters with a light-up display
  • Volume control is available for the music
  • Large storage compartment for toys


  • 4 AA batteries are required and they are not included
  • There is no lock for the desk when using the easel or chalkboard feature meaning that the child can accidently get hurt
  • Expansion packs for the toy must be bought separately

What Sets It Apart: The best feature of this toy desk is that it helps to give little kids a sense of purpose. They can mimic adults at work or while taking calls on the toy phone. The educative aspect of this product is superb and it is packed with many lessons as well as a lot of free play aspects.

9. Wonderful Educational Toy For Two-Year Old Girl: Potty-Leslie Patricelli Board Books
Potty (leslie patricelli board books)

Teach your little child to read and also make her feel comfortable about potty training with the help of this short 28-page storybook. The wonderfully illustrated book captures the curiosity of a little child and shows the way the baby approaches going to the loo. The brief texts in the book are marvellous to get the child interested in reading, and you will be sure to notice how they relate to the adorable images. It is a comforting book for toddlers and for parents to make sure that their kid is on the right developmental track.


  • The illustrations are beautiful and very easy to understand
  • The baby shown in the book is gender-less which helps the little child relate to it better
  • It shows the positive reinforcement from the parents once the child uses the potty correctly


  • The pages are quite thick and can be a little heavy

What Sets It Apart: When getting a book as a gift for a 2-year old girl you must make sure that it is easy to read, has eye-catching pictures, and teaches a valuable lesson. This book has it all and it is so simply put that your child can’t help but enjoy it.

10. Great Learning Toy Two-Year Olds Will Love: LeapFrog My First Learning Tablet, Violet
LeapFrog My First Learning Tablet , Violet (Amazon Exclusive)

What's the best way to teach your little girl about letters, numbers, and much more without exposing her to too much screen time?  A learning tablet will gives you all of that while also being safe and child-friendly. The First Learning Tablet from Leapfrog has multiple apps that a child can interact with. Each app has unique sounds, activities, a talk option, and even a pretend camera. It comes with all the features of a tablet but has a lot more educational value. This makes it a superb toy for a 2-year old girl that no parents can resist either.


  • Filled with 20 apps that are easy to interact with
  • Roleplaying options like talking on the phone, learning about time, playing with the pretend camera and listening to music
  • It powers down after 45 seconds without being used
  • Looks like a regular tablet and has a lot of interesting information, activities, and awesome facts
  • The explore, learn or music mode features different age-appropriate curriculum
  • Durable construction that can withstand anything a toddler does


  • Requires 3 AA batteries that are not included
  • It does not have a headphone jack for the music

What Sets It Apart: This amazing toy features all the technological features of a tablet that kids find fascinating. It allows your child to feel like a grownup and is safe enough that they access only interesting educational content. You will not find a single parent complaining about this toy, that’s for sure!

11.Best Pretend Toy For 2-Year Old Girl: Fisher-Price Little People Surprise & Sounds Home
Fisher-Price Little People Surprise & Sounds Home Playset

Little girls love to pretend to play with houses and little families. That's why this is one of the best gift ideas for a 2-year old girl.  This house comes jam-packed with 50 sounds, sounds, and phrases from the characters. Your toddler can enjoy working with all the house parts and even press the alarm clock to wake up the little girl. From the floor to the ceiling your tiny one will never fall short of things to enjoy. She will also learn how to take care of the people in the house and develop creative stories about their lives.


  • It has 50 phrases, sounds, and songs to teach your little girl about many things
  • The alarm clock, toilet, and refrigerator can all be opened and interacted with
  • Your little girl's fine motor skills will improve significantly when playing with all the interactive elements in the house
  • The house opens up so that she can have an all-round play aspect


  • The house is too bulky to carry around to all places
  • The colour of the house is pink which little boys might not enjoy

What Sets It Apart: The Little People Surprise and Sound Home has a lot of interactive features, it is educational, and it promotes a spirit of imagination within your little girl. You will be able to see her using this toy to play with the characters inside, and also figure out ways of looking after them politely and respectfully.

12. HABA Rainbow Whirls Pegging Game
HABA Rainbow Whirls Pegging Game

Looking for a colourful and interactive game for your 2-year old girl? The Rainbow Whirls Pegging Game allows your child to make many different plug-in variations depending on their whimsy. Its beautiful colours will excite the child and keep them mesmerized for long periods of time. As the child becomes more engaged there can be different activities built using the pegs that challenge them and ignite their curiosity.


  • 32 Coloured pegs that allow for many interesting design variations.
  • The wood for the pegs is obtained through sustainable forestry in Germany
  • Helps to strengthen the child's cognitive capacity
  • The paint used on the pegs is safe for children even if they put it in their mouth


  • Some of the colours are difficult to name and make it a bit difficult to teach children about the major colour groups
  • Since it has a lot of pieces it can create a mess and some pieces might get lost

What Sets It Apart: It is a very creative toy for 2-year old girls. It can be modified and made more challenging for older children or younger children who are curious.

13. VTech Care for Me Learning Carrier
VTech Care for Me Learning Carrier

This is just a top present for a 2-year old girl who loves animals. The VTech Care For Me Learning Carrier comes with a dog carrier, a plush puppy, things to feed or brush the dog with. This lovely gift will give her hours of fun where she role-plays as a vet and feeds her lovely dog. Besides that, the dog carrier comes equipped with interactive elements that teach your toddler about colours, shapes, phrases, and how to care for the pet. Why not help your child become a responsible dog mother right from the start?


  • The learning carrier has an interactive feature that teaches your child about letters, numbers, and colours
  • There are pet care accessories like a bowl, comb, and a bottle
  • You will also be able to play 100+ songs, melodies, and sounds
  • Teaches the child about the responsibility of owning a pet
  • The plush dog toy is well made and makes sounds when pressed


  • The carrier is quite a bulky toy
  • The alphabets only go to ABC and the numbers only go to 1234

What Sets It Apart: The carrier is an innovative toy that gives your 2-year old girl a way to act out stories with her dog. It also teaches her how to responsibly care for the pet and feed it. She will be mesmerized by the sounds, lights, and teaching features of the carrier.

14. Peaceable Kingdom Monkey Around
Peaceable Kingdom Monkey Around

This is one of the best toy or gift ideas for 2-year old girls. It is a goofy game that will get her on her feet and laughing in no time. Since it is a non-competitive game, your little one will pick up social skills within a no-pressure fun environment.  You’ll find that these cards are so captivating and the children love to act them out either solo or as part of the group. The bonus part about this is that besides jumping about and wiggling, your child’s motor skills, coordination, concept understanding, and listening skills are all improving.


  • Easy to understand and a lot of fun to play
  • Many cards with different actions to perform
  • Promotes physical activity and also fine-tunes your child’s skills
  • Teaches children how to take turns when playing


  • The cards get over very quickly for older children who can grasp the concepts very easily

What Sets It Apart: This game is all about getting your children on their feet and in a good mood. It also helps them to develop all kinds of skills and teaches them how to play well with others. You will love seeing them in an active and playful mode and who knows, you might engage in it yourself!

15. ALEX Button Art Set for Creative Little Girls
Alex Discover Button Art Activity Set Kids Art and Craft Activity

This button art set is an interesting and simple gift for a 2-year old girl. It comes equipped with 10 projects that are attractively coloured. The child has many buttons that she must place in the picture according to the colour. Little children might find this activity fun and place the buttons randomly at first, but over time their hand-eye coordination and colour recognition skills will improve. It is a challenging and marvellous game to keep your child occupied and quiet for quite a while. It might just be one of the best toys for 2 and 3 year olds.


  • There are 10 projects and 46 buttons available with this set
  • A storage tray can hold all the pieces and prevent them from getting lost or a mess being created
  • Helps children to develop hand-eye coordination and match coloured patterns


  • The button pieces are small enough for a child to put in their mouth. Therefore parents should be vigilant

What Sets It Apart: The set has many wonderful designs to pick from that will stimulate the artist within your little girl. It does not only help with speeding up the child’s development through play but it also helps her to creatively view the world.

Now that you know of the 15 best toys for a 2-year old girl you will definitely be making one little girl super happy! We have picked toys and gift options that are great and of the topmost quality in all the important aspects. These toys are designed superbly to improve the motor-coordination, developmental skills, language, and perception of the little ones. So no matter which one you choose, you cannot go wrong!

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