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Best Pool Toys for Young Kids (9 Attractive Swimming Pool Games)

Best Pool Toys for Young Kids (9 Attractive Swimming Pool Games)

. 14 min read

Do your kids love to spend time in the pool? Do they like to swim? Is summer nearing and are your pool-gaming plans about to come to life? There is no better time to get home a couple of pool toys for kids. A fancy swimsuit, floating equipment, fluffy toys, sea creature themed toys, pool balls, and some chilly pool water can make pool day super exciting and fun. Besides, what are kids supposed to do on long summer days? Play on their tablets and master video games? Definitely not. Get your kids to jump in the pool and get some exercise while also playing with their favorite water toys.

Are you hellbent on teaching your kid swimming during this summer vacation? There is no better way to keep your kid in the pool other than getting them some super-cool kid pool toys. Are your kids into engineering and fancy vehicles? Are your kids fond of sports? Or do they love to dive into the pool and compete on who can find the object first? You can choose from floating boats and ships, water volleyball sets, or rings, sticks, and other lightweight toys that submerge into the water. The diversity in the pool toys industry gives you a range of options to choose from. Get your kids the best pool toys and make their swimming experience a truly entertaining one.

Make sure you choose something that suits your child’s age group. Also, pool games are more fun when played in groups. Look for swimming pool toys that allow multiple children to play together. To make your purchase even more worth it, try looking for family pool games. It’s time you build some memories in the pool and click some photographs that can bring smiles through your kid’s childhood albums for a lifetime.

Want to make your little one’s summer vacation truly memorable? Consider getting home one of these indoor slides for children. You can even place them by the pool and let your child have a unique route to jump into the swimming pool.

We have curated a list of 9 of the most attractive, entertaining, and children-worthy pool toys for you to choose from:

1. Best Pool Toys for Kids: SwimWays Gobble Guppies Educational Water Toy

Is it summer and do your kids have a long break from school? Getting the children to jump into the swimming pool along with some Gobble Guppies Educational Water Toys would be perfect for such a time. This pool game could be one of the fewest and coolest toddler pool toys. Four little fishes of the four most common and attractive colors numbered from one to four. These floaters will stay on the surface of the pool, while your kids would have the least difficulty in grabbing the tiny guppy floats. Guess what? The tiny numbered fishes can be squeezed out of a fun-looking shark with minimal pressure.

The vibrant colors are catchy enough for your pre-schooler to take it from the pool to the bathtub once playday is over. Once the shark’s trigger is squeezed, kids can swim around and collect the guppies to put them back into the shark’s mouth, in a numbered fashion. There’s nothing better than a little exercise combined with some pre-school knowledge, all this while swimming.


  • Water never seeps into the guppies, thus no chance of mildew to occur
  • Plastic is hard and of high-quality, ensuring long-term durability
  • Basic knowledge of colors and numbers can be gained via a fun swimming game
  • Proves helpful in bettering motor skills due to navigating shark towards guppies
  • Guppies have a bottom slit to prevent mold formation


  • Can be too small for a big-sized pool
  • Shark floats upside down when left unsupervised

Why is this children’s pool toy a good choice?

Toddlers get to practice some basic maths and color-coding while navigating themselves around the pool.

2. Colorful Divers Bundle 4 Pool Dive Rings & Sticks - Best Water Toys for Boys and Girls

Remember those diving games you used to play as a child? The first one to find the coin underwater is the winner! These pool rings and pool sticks are the perfect piece of equipment for your children to gather from the bottom of the pool. The classic blue, green, yellow, and orange colors inspire an aura of fun and excitement. In fact, each of the plastic pieces is numbered and kids can make up several team games that require each child to collect these rings/sticks in a numbered order. Who said pool toys for kids are solely for fun and laughter?

If you are looking at kids pool toys, then this definitely crosses the mark of a basic water toy due to the chance it gives children to build their pool confidence and swimming skills. Let your kid get some basic school lessons on numbers and colors while also getting some exercise in the warm summer months.


  • Weighted grips on each of the 4 rings and 4 sticks
  • Grips and sticks are color-coded to make it easier for children to identify during games
  • Great pool game for kids to learn how to master diving
  • Improves swimming skills and gives basic educational lessons on colors and numbers
  • Perfect group game for your kid’s birthday and playdays


  • Suitable pool toy for 4 to 6-year-old boys - Not toddlers
  • Rings and sticks do not glow in the dark – make it hard to spot in the absence of light

Why is this children’s pool toy a good choice?

Young kids have an entertaining and motivating reason to learn how to dive into the pool.

3. Toddler Pool Toy: SwimWays Baby Spring Float Activity Center Canopy and Interactive Toys

Is it time to introduce your toddler to the swimming pool? Do you want to make your little baby boy/girl a part of the family’s pool day? This activity center not only lets your little one in the pool with you but also keeps him/her thoroughly entertained. Soft-touch stars, squeaky sound-making fish, colorful rings, and fish teethers are few of the attractive toy-related traits. The most beautiful part about this toddler pool toy is the detachable smiling and green octopus that can also be rotated towards the kid. The arms of this sea creature can act as a holder for the other water toys provided with this product.

The canopy is built to impart UPF 50+ sun protection and the sides are made of meshed material to improve and make easy see-through visibility. Utmost focus has been given to the safety of your child in the pool. Thus, this activity center has dual air chambers in the sitting region and a comfortable inner spring that adds to desirable stability in the pool.


  • Octopus head can be rotated 360 degrees towards the child and is also detachable
  • Arms of the octopus hold many other interactive and gorgeous water-themed toys
  • Product can easily be folded and shoved into the carry case for ease-of-transport
  • Patented inner spring to ensure child-safety in the pool
  • Dual inflation chambers are present to increase the level of comfort for your kid


  • Mild air leakage may occur after some usage
  • Material of additional toys gets fully soaked in water

Why is this children’s pool toy a good choice?

Families can jump into the pool together along with a comfortable and floatable royal activity center setting for their toddlers.

4. H2OGO! Pool Play Game Center for Kids

The H2OGO pool play game is the perfect way to channel your kid’s excessive summertime energy. Besides, there are few things better than an inflatable basketball hoop set that can literally be thrown into a pool. It’s time for your kids to practice their basketball shooting skills along with some nice full-body swimming exercise. To make pool toys for toddler boys and girls even more interesting, this product allows 2 gaming options. Either use the basketball hoops or use the 3 attached little stands to play ring-toss. Whichever game you play, your kids are not simply idling away their time in the pool and are improving some skill or the other.

The deflating feature makes it convenient for families to pack up/set up the game within a matter of a few minutes. Also, due to its 2-game attribute, there’s something for everyone in the pool to enjoy. Colorful rings, floating hoops, and a family full of lively faces – are some memories that can be etched in your photo albums for a lifetime.


  • Vinyl and PVC construction eliminates the chance of wear and tear
  • Inflating and deflating feature makes it super-compact and easy to transport
  • Children get to practice their aiming skills in the pool
  • Super lightweight makes it easy for children to use


  • Some parts of the basketball goal may be flawed after inflation
  • Lightweight also makes it difficult to throw the rings or basketball from a distance

Why is this children’s pool toy a good choice?

This product adds a range of colors and 4 pieces of playful equipment to a swimming pool. With an all-important standalone structure to use these 4 pieces.

5. Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Undersea Treasure Hunt Pool Game for Children

Don’t all kids simply need a good reason to jump in the pool? If you get them a treasure hunt kit then all that summer vacation buzz and frenzy can easily be converted into long-lasting pool days. 4 ancient-themed coins and 2 huge gem-like structures will be submerged to the bottom of the pool and the kid to collect most pieces and put them into the treasure chest is the winner! The old-school and rugged-looking treasure-themed sinkers easily give this product the tag of one of the funnest pool toys.

For kids, the motivation to reach the treasure first and emerge as a winner proves to be a great mode of instilling extreme amounts of pool confidence, hand-eye coordination, and impeccable water navigation skills. This kids swimming pool toy can also be used outside of the water to perform intriguing treasure hunt activities. Worried about discoloration and breakage of the items in the treasure chest? Melissa & Doug’s great reputation within the toy industry should be reason enough for you to let go of your worries.


  • Fade-resistant colors easily fight exposure to chlorine and sunlight
  • Great way for kids to improve hand-eye coordination in the swimming pool
  • Rigid plastic built erases the possibility of wear and tear
  • Treasure chest is reason enough for your children to be ready for pool day
  • Versatile usage allows it to be used outside the pool for treasure hunt games


  • Gems sink slower than the coins do
  • Treasure chest slot is too small for the gems to fit easily

Why is this children’s pool toy a good choice?

The treasure chest has a slot on the top to make it easier and quicker for kids to store their underwater findings.

6. SwimWays 2 Star Wars Lightsaber Dive Styx for Children

If you are looking for some fascinating swimming pool toys for boys then your search most definitely ends with these Star Wars underwater lightsabers. Does your child keep imitating Yoda or Luke the Skywalker from the Star Wars? If yes, then this could be the perfect bait to get your kid to swim on a daily basis. The most unique aspect of this toy is that it automatically lights up when it touches water. A realistic space-style, yet water-themed game, can never prove to be a bad choice for young kids. The green/blue mesmerizing light and battle style will make your kids naturally improve their underwater skills.

These sticks are 6-inches in length, making them perfectly sized for young kids. Now you know exactly what you need when your children are having a pool party.


  • Glowing lights make it extremely entertaining for kids during night-time swimming
  • Lights are activated when the stick gets in contact with water
  • Star Wars theme is perfect for allowing kids to unknowingly master their diving skills
  • Lightsabers have character-specific themes


  • The batteries in these lightsabers are irreplaceable
  • Lights are often known to stop working

Why is this children’s pool toy a good choice?

Star wars equipment has been the go-to toy for kids for decades. They would be thrilled with happiness to know that glowing Star Wars themed toys can now be used in the pool.

7. Best Pool Toys for Children: Toypedo Bandits Pool Diving Toys (Pack of 4)

This set of 4 Toypedo Bandits can turn out to be one of the coolest kids pool toys due to its design that propels a hydrodynamic action. The shape of this toy allows your kid to easily and seamlessly glide and play underwater. Although very few kids would go to a depth of 20 feet, SwimWays has yet made these toys to function at such levels. Each of these toys can be easily held and thrown by kids due to their miniature design. Even better, each of the 4 colorful Toypedos has numbers ranging from 10, 20, 30, and 40. Kids can play the ‘dive and search’ game and the winner can be decided based on the number of points they have earned.

Whether you have more than one child or your kid has friends coming over to swim, the pack of 4 can be a great group activity that also improves their water movement skills. Whether it is a pool party or just another summer weekend, your kids are going to be constantly diving into the pool and making the most of these Toypedo Bandits.


  • Toypedos can smoothly glide underwater up to 20 feet
  • Each Toypedo is numbered to make it an interactive pool gaming experience
  • Vibrant colors impart a playful design
  • Torpedo shape adds to a flawless hydrodynamic action underwater
  • Convenient shape and grip for kids to throw into the swimming pool


  • Rarely does it submerge under 5 to 10 feet
  • Lightweight feature fails to let the Toypedo achieve a reasonable underwater speed

Why is this children’s pool toy a good choice?

They are small and compact, providing a hassle-free experience while packing. Even the colors are bright enough to be seen at the bottom of the pool.

8. Watermelon Ball JR – Kids Pool Toy for Underwater Games

A fancy-looking rainbow and watermelon themed ball can fill the gap in the collection of swimming pool toys for your kids. The size of this product is labeled as Junior. This indicates that it is a perfect pool ball option for small children. Testing of the ball’s movement underwater has been done to ensure that children can play by causing themselves minimal muscle stress. You will also get a filling needle and an instruction pamphlet that tells you how to get the ball ready for some pool game time! Do you want to know why is this a one-of-a-kind kids pool toy? Because it can be filled with water and used underwater itself!

Who ever thought it would be possible to bounce, kick or throw a ball underwater? If your kid is a sports enthusiast but does not like to enter the pool, this is probably your best bet at getting your little one to begin swimming.


  • Junior size makes it comfortable and easy for kids to throw around the pool
  • Easy to spot underwater due to its watermelon and rainbow color theme
  • Can be filled with water and played underwater itself
  • Exercise is inevitable due to its underwater playable feature
  • Satisfactorily complies by CCPSA, ASTM, and CPSIA safety standards


  • Draining the water from the ball can be a little annoying
  • Skin of the ball may face some peeling issues

Why is this children’s pool toy a good choice?

The concept of an underwater pool ball is comparatively new and proves too good for the muscles of young and tender children.

9. Aqua 4-in-1 Monterey Hammock Inflatable Multi-Purpose Pool Float

Are your children a more relaxed version of youngsters? Do they like to laze around rather than portray an energetic behavior like most kids? This 4-in-1 Monterey Hammock Pool float can be used as a hammock, drifter, saddle, or even a rocking pool baby chair. Your children can easily hop on to this piece of pool equipment and comfortably stay afloat while reading their books or even solving a Rubik’s Cube. The thick material enables kids to easily float in their desired position and even perform a limited range of exercises.

The best part is the inflating/deflating feature. Due to this, it is considered a ‘Pack and Go’ piece of pool gear that takes up the least amount of space. Also, the seat has a meshed design, and your kid’s delicate body will settle right into it. Some swimming pool toys for kids along with the floater will keep them happily relaxed throughout the summers. This water hammock is versatile and can also be used by parents and older siblings when the younger ones want to do some swimming.


  • High-level of buoyancy comes with great reliability
  • Compact design makes it easy to transport
  • Versatile in usage as a hammock, lounge chair, exercise saddle, or drifter
  • Meshed seat linings add to support and stability for kids while they float
  • Highly durable even when used by adults


  • An elder person is needed to set it up
  • One can get tired trying to inflate it – poor inflation mechanism

Why is this children’s pool toy a good choice?

Provided your kids are under the age of 14, they can easily lay in the floater during their summer vacations and enjoy reading some books or solving brain-teasing hand-puzzles.

Buying Guide: Pool Toys and Games for Kids

What would be the best pool toys for boys may not be the best for girls, and vice versa. Even the theme of the toy and the possibility of making it a group game can affect how happy and satisfied is your child with this gift. Children have different thought processes and behavioral patterns. If you think you have understood your child’s mental response to specific kinds of toys, then it would be wise to consider the below factors to make sure you are making a fool-proof investment:

  • Storage – Whatever pool games or pool toys you are looking at for your kids must come under the category of compactness. Winter months would usually call for closure of the swimming pool and all the pool equipment would need to be packed safely. Either ensure that the toys you are looking at can be used outside the pool or else they must be easy-to-pack and must undergo minimum deterioration when kept in the shed. Even in warm summer months, you can’t leave toys lying in the open – they must be stored properly to avoid discoloration, wear and tear, and other structural damage.
  • Materials used – Most commonly, pool equipment in the form of games and toys for kids are made using PVC. Although PVC may be durable and good for long-term usage, it does not fit the frame of environment-friendliness. Keep in mind, PVC materials are not a bad choice as long as they are free of industrial chemicals, BPA, and phthalates. Also, make sure that the pool toy you choose does not consist of sharp edges and hard ends that can cause injuries to your child. High-grade plastic materials are the safest and most reliable option.
  • Easy cleaning – All that chlorine and presence of foreign particles is sure to stick onto your kid’s pool toys. Only choose toys that can be easily cleaned, with minimal usage of soap and other detergents. If the pool is also used by elders, then traces of sunscreen, deodorant, lipstick, etc. also mix up with the water and get stuck to the children’s pool toys. Consider purchasing a toy that can survive being cleaned by baking soda, vinegar, or bleach.


Everything said and done, you have ample of choices to assure that you pick up something that makes your children crave excess pool time. Almost all the options are pocket-friendly and you should have little to no worries about the quality of these products. This is it, summer is almost here and there is no better time to purchase some catchy pool toys for kids.

If you plan to use these pool toys on beach days, then you also may want to check out some entertaining beach games for children.

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