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The 11 Best Laser Tag Sets for Kids

The 11 Best Laser Tag Sets for Kids

. 15 min read

Looking for one of the best indoor and outdoor games that you can play with your kids? Want something different apart from the usual remote-controlled cars, ball games, puzzle games, or gardening games? Laser tag toys are the new hype in the kids gaming and toy industry. A new generation invention, the laser tag game was founded in the early 1980s and today there are over a hundred laser tagging game centers all over the globe. But guess what? You can simply purchase a nice laser game for kids and spare yourselves the trouble to go to specialized and expensive laser tag gaming rooms.

Boys of all age groups, including the elderly ones, are fond of laser tag games due to the thrill it offers. It is played in a dark room with almost no visibility while the mission is to avoid letting the laser touch your vest/gun. Kids need to be attentive, sharp, and also literally get to enact a ninja’s prowess. Some laser guns even have automatic lighting features. This makes it easier for your kid to navigate and spot opponents in the dark. Get your child a well-deserved break from the usual digital media games that kill their physical productivity. It’s time they put on their laser tag kits and win a game against family or friends.

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Enhance your kid’s cognitive abilities by playing challenging laser tag games with them, while the only light is the one the gun offers. We have curated 11 of the best laser tag toy guns. Each of these options is made of attractive color combinations that can easily use colors for teams. Some even have sound effects, vibrating effects, scoreboards, and even a gun recharge period where your kid has to practice stealth mode.

1. Kidzlane Infrared Best Laser Tag Game for Kids – Set of 2

This Kidzlane laser guns for kids have so many cool and handy features. Your children will not only love this toy but also learn how to manage several attributes of the toy simultaneously! In fact, the game is all about survival. There is an in-built speaker beside the life bar indicator to instill an aura of excitement and communication with other teammates. Kids can also change their weapon-mode to rockets, shotguns, pistol, or all-out firing machine guns. The best part is the automatic lighting feature and target tracker that is activated when shots are fired.

To induce a real-gaming experience, the gun vibrates when shooting or when hit by infrared waves. The sounds of each weapon mode also make it a realistic battle and make your kid more competitive. The manufacturers are well-versed with the attraction kids have to red, white, green, and blue colors. Thus, they have options to choose either of these guns and the color will flash accordingly.


  • The infrared laser can be shot up to a distance of 130 feet
  • Playable indoor or in large open outdoor ideas – no limitations
  • Child safety infrared signal emission of 0.9mW
  • 9 lives per game are visible on the gun’s life-bar itself
  • Gun vibrates and emits light whenever shooting is prompted


  • Guns need to be reset after losing all your lives
  • Can be too noisy due to the explosion-like sounds

Why is this laser tag gun a good option?

4 possible team modes, tracking light to aim your target, different gun modes, and vibratory effects. Your kids can play the most entertainment round of laser tag possible.

2. YoFit Laser Tag Gun Set – Best Infrared Laser Tag Set with Vests

How about a versatile laser tag gun for kids that can also be used by adults to make it a collective affair? The YoFit laser tag guns are designed ergonomically and fit perfectly in the hands of most kids and adults. This set comes with a vest that proves to be the target to knock an opponent down. It is small in size and yet attachable via straps to the chest and shoulders. These vests also have 2 lighting systems. The one on the top indicates the health of the player and middle light showcases the team’s overall health.

These vests are available in 2 sets of red and blue, making it a game for 4 kids. The machine gun and shotgun modes will lead to the most damage caused – 6 points. Also, each time shots are fired on the vest, expect to hear exciting sounds and feel a vibration like you do on modern-day video games. The lights have been added to give children a better sense of their aim and a better feel of laser tag.


  • Vests are provided – they also have an individual and team health indicator
  • Real-time battle stimulation beats those fake on-screen eye-straining games
  • Flickering lights and sound effects make a real gaming room vibe
  • Ergonomic design makes it suitable for adults and children
  • Made of BPA and toxic-free elements with smooth edges for kids safety


  • Wrong information – AA batteries are needed, not AAA
  • Vests and guns need to be reset after being hit thrice

Why is this laser tag gun a good option?

Durability and sturdiness are an issue with such kinds of kid toys. But YoFit has a reputation for using extremely high-quality materials.

Consider spicing things up a little for your kids by adding a car race track set for their lucky day.

3. Sharper Image Two-Player Toy Laser Tag Gun Blaster & Vest Armor Set for Kids

Give you kids access to high-end screenless gaming technology by getting them this Sharper Image Electronic Tag set. The design is one-of-a-kind due to its uniquely shaped gun structure. The handles will slide into your kid’s hand and the worry of a loose group will never arise due to tested equipment. This laser tag set is perfect to give your children the feeling of a real arcade arena with capturing and exciting visual and sound effects. Featuring the classic red and blue colors, it proves to be the best laser tag set for a pair of siblings.

The attachable vest has an attractive triangular design with little LED lights attached to the insides. Each shot onto the vest leads to a reduction in the number of lights. Once 6 shots hit the target, BOOM! The game ends and requires to be restarted. Another appreciative point is the compatibility with several other similar sets. Make it a family or a group game with zero efforts of setting up.


  • Laser guns have in-built LED blasters along with a pump-action barrel
  • Vest comes with adjustable straps for ease-of-use
  • Infrared beams enable long-distance shooting – perfect for outdoor settings
  • Built-in speaker attached to the vest for sensory stimulation
  • Gun reloads by pulling the slider


  • Inaccurate and faulty scoring system
  • Has an extremely high sensitivity to light

Why is this laser tag gun a good option?

The speakers inside the vest make it more communicative and interactive for children.

4. Nerf Official: Lazer Tag Phoenix LTX Tagger 2-pack Best Laser Game for Kids and Adults

Your kid is surely going to be the happiest member of the house for a long time after getting this official Nerf’s Laser tag gun. The built, design, structure, and effects are all in sync with the Nerf series. Want to give your kids an authentic laser tag experience with an added thrill? This laser tag set has a fantastic recoil feature that can be set by you or your child itself. There is a convenient view of 2 yellow color lit bars when you hold the gun straight. One indicates ammo and the other strength. Set the desired recoil action and make it a more realistic laser tag experience.

Kids can even join custom matches and play with an entire group of friends to build lifetime memories. Family laser tag is now no distant dream and can be played easily with this Nerf’s laser tag set. There is a range of fun settings that can be altered to make every game new and exciting. You may have just found the best gift for kids of all ages.


  • No need for vests and additional accessories to be carried around
  • Reloading can be done at the click of a button and requires minimal waiting
  • Unique recoil feature makes the game all the more exciting
  • Vibratory effects upon firing are in sync with the sounds


  • Buttons can get spoilt if left in the sun for too long

Why is this laser tag gun a good option?

The recoil feature, the ability to host and join matches, and the efficient laser tag gun reloading process makes it a highly entertaining gift for children.

5. Liberty Imports Infrared Laser Tag 4 Players Game Set for Kids

Looking for a laser tag game that attracts your daughter? Or maybe something your daughter and son can use together? Liberty Imports has made a range of unique laser tag toys for kids. This product focusses specifically on girls due to its pink color. Even the in-game team color options are milder and include orange and white. There is a big-sized reload button that refills your gun with more infrared energy to keep playing. You can also diversify the laser tag experience by altering the ammunition level and intensity of firing.

Safety has always been of high priority when getting children any kind of presents. This product is a certified class 1 laser toy game and its >1mW infrared signal emission is well within the safety barriers for children. No vests, no goggles, no additional equipment, and no hassle. Liberty Imports has a truly reputed customer support team that will take care of your problems and ensure you are proud of your kid’s new gaming toy.


  • Quality materials have been tested for durability and strength
  • Infrared striking range of over 130 feet makes it suitable for outdoor gaming
  • 4 different weapon settings – pistol, machine gun, rocket launcher, and shotgun
  • Limitless team sizes allow you to play with several kids or family members
  • Infrared receiver helps children in tracking and targeting


  • Range deteriorates during the first session itself
  • Sensory overload makes it overwhelming to play and hard to enjoy

Why is this laser tag gun a good option?

It is one of the only laser tag toys in the market that would seem appealing to girls too (due to its pink color).

Since this is a perfect laser tag option for girls, you can even drop in a troll toy set for giving her a reason to be extra happy.

6. eKids Toy Story 4 Infrared Laser Tag Game for Kids

Does you kid have a collection of Toy Story items? Are Buzz Lightyear, Sid, or Sheriff Woody your little one’s favorite characters? Personally, I don’t think there is a better addition to their collection than this toy story themed laser tag gun for kids. The smart infrared sensor can adjust itself and track targets when detected in extremely close proximity. Also, there are 3 firing modes – each with exclusive strengths, reload time, damage, weaknesses, and range. Which kid does not like a surprise element? None right? This toy story laser gun features a secret weapon that can make all the difference in a game. Although kids should use it wisely, as the button only works once per game.

The person being fired upon does not need a vest as the infrared beam can detect a connection from a complete 180-degree view. Like most laser tag sets, even this features a vibrating effect. But it stands out due to the toy story themed sounds that it imparts each time a shot is fired.


  • Ultimate secret weapon that can be used strategically once per game
  • All guns have sensors to detect nearby infrared signals
  • Long-range makes it great for playing in gardens and parks
  • Exciting lighting imparts a Toy Story atmosphere


  • Almost useless in the presence of excess light

Why is this laser tag gun a good option?

Unlike the other options, this laser tag gun does not prove to be too loud, making it extremely safe for the hearing power of kids.

7. Best Laser Tag Game: eKids Spiderman Infrared Laser Tag Game for Kids

There’s nothing better than superhero-themed toys for your kids. That too one that can shoot harmless infrared laser light onto tags to win a game! The infrared beam shooting region has a sensor that accepts hits and takes note of the score. A 180-degree range makes it easier for kids to score points and complete several rounds in one gaming session. The reload button is located at a convenient spot right above the trigger holder.

This kit does not require wearing a vest to track points and shots fired as the guns are equipped with the technology to do so. If your child is a fan of marvel games then you may have just stumbled on the perfect gift for his birthday or any special occasion. The laser tag gaming experience can also be enhanced by ordering additional spiderman accessories and making it more than just a shooting game.


  • 3 unique shooting modes - individual strengths, weaknesses, damage and reload time
  • Marvel superhero theme toys are an attractive gift option for most children
  • Additional units can be attached to make it a more interesting on-field battle
  • Compatible with the Avengers laser tag set for kids
  • Secret weapon button that can be utilized once per game


  • There is no apt color coding for deciding teams

Why is this laser tag gun a good option?

Spiderman-themed toys are something that kids of all groups will cherish and enjoy the company of.

8. Best Choice Products Set of 2 Infrared Laser Tag Blasters for Kids

This is a set of white and blue laser tag guns with traces of black on different sections of each gun. It imparts a space-like theme due to its funky-looking future technology design. Want to play in a group of 3 or more? No worries. You can purchase additional sets and play an exciting and competitive game of laser tag. Laser tag for kids means you need several elements to make it an easy-to-play game with minimal confusion. Once a kid loses interest in a game, you can consider the game useless.

This laser game for kids comes with lights for life and health indicators, sound effects, a 130 ft shooting range, an infrared receiver that tracks and records hits, 3 different shot blaster settings, and a soft trigger button. Your kid will get accustomed to several elements at one time with an ulterior goal to survive on the laser tag battlefield. Kids can keep a flag that has to be captured to win the game.


  • 3 lights – each light 3 lives – total 9 lives per player
  • Unique ammunition levels for 4 blaster settings – can also be changed during battle
  • Easily compatible with multiple sets without any need for connectivity
  • One-of-a-kind action hero present with maximum health


  • Need to turn off the gun to reset and start fresh

Why is this laser tag gun a good option?

This game set gives you an option to make one player the action hero and work collectively to eliminate him/her.

9. Best Laser Tag Game: Ryan’s World Infrared Tag Blasters Laser Game for Kids

The Ryan’s World Infrared Tag Blaster could be the ultimate gift option for any child. The majority of the toy is blue in color and portrays a super-cool and childish design with a tinge of youthful elegance. 5 curved circles of big to small size comprise of the shooting region of this gun. Looks-wise, this option is less of a generic laser-tag theme toy and more of a cartoon character themed laser tag toy for kids. A versatile tracking infrared sensor along with 3 lights for life-tracking and a secret weapon make it a recommendable option.

Wondering what about the vest? Due to the high-end infrared receivers attached to each gun, the need for a vest is canceled out. You can always make your kids wear a customized vest to make them feel more like laser tag soldiers.


  • Long-range infrared receiver with 180-degrees detecting ability
  • Ryans world theme laser tag toy
  • One of the only laser tag kits that comes with batteries
  • Make the game more exciting by attaching additional units


  • Tracking the score can be hard and kids go haywire due to less purpose

Why is this laser tag gun a good option?

Ryan’s World graphics also give your kid a relatable and creative sense of satisfaction due to imagining Ryan’s toy reviews.

10. Family Laser Tag Game for Night 4 Pack Set

Who said laser tag toys are only for kids? When you receive this elegantly packed set of 4 laser tag guns, you will automatically get ideas to make the most out of this game. It comes in a black suitcase with blue, green, orange, and white laser tag guns. The best part is that these guns will glow in the dark and make family time filled with thrilling laughter and excitement. No more vests drama. Let the high-tech infrared sensors decide who wins and who loses.

Add how many ever guns you like and let your kids play with family or with friends. Safety should be the least of your concerns as tests have been done for quality checks. Also, they release the least amount of infrared signal emissions, measuring only 0.496mW.


  • Kids will get a warning when running out of ammunition
  • Sound effects to indicate that the laser tag toy has been reloaded
  • Exceptionally reliable and understanding customer care support
  • Flawless functioning even in the long run
  • Can get a robotic spider to practice your aim


  • Some guns may not be able to produce sounds effects
  • Occasionally, 1 in 4 guns may not work

Why is this laser tag gun a good option?

These are amongst the only few guns that glow in the dark and also come with a fantastic case.

11. Laser Game for Kids: Majik Dueling Laser Tag

Don’t want to gift your kids something shaped like a gun but yet want to give them a laser tag game? This is probably the only laser tag toy does not look like a gun from any angle. Buy as many as you like and play with a number of people, there are no limitations. Rules are understood by focusing on the 3 LED lights on the upper end of each gun, as they are your health indicators.

Each time you get hit, the gun gives out a short alarm. If you get targeted twice then one of the three lights switch off. If you get hit a total of six times, then all your lights will shut down and you would be considered the loser. Interesting and simple for kids right?


  • Minimal functions and buttons make it easy-to-use
  • Small in size and a convenient handle for kids
  • Several of these laser tag toys can be used together
  • Sensors cannot be hidden, thus a competitive game


  • Infrared range is only 25 feet

Buying Guide: Laser Tag Guns for Kids

The Best Laser Tag Toy for your little one can be decided based on a couple of factors that you must consider while making a purchase. Not all kids are the same, same hate extra work and some like to brainstorm. Some even dislike noise, whereas some crave the commotion. The following points can help you ensure you make a wise decision:

  • Material Used – Literally all laser tag guns are made of plastic material. This is because plastic is light and thus perfect for kids to carry. What matters is the type of plastic used? Study the product properly and maybe even check their website and buyer’s opinions. You will definitely get some valuable insight there. The motive is to ensure that there aren’t any sharp edges, harmful smells, and degradation of the toy when left in open spaces.
  • Features – Look for the laser tag set with the most features. Usually, sound effects, lighting, health indicators, and easy-to-use triggers are present in most laser tag toys. You can also get a gun that allows teams to talk via the speaker and communicate. Some even come with small moving robots that can be used for target practice or enlivening the game. Best of all, some laser tag sets can be connected to hardware to play additional sci-fi games.
  • Battery Life – Almost all laser tag toys are powered by batteries and cannot be recharged. Make sure your gun does not consume excessive power that makes it hard to play while outdoors. You don’t want to carry batteries and keep changing them amidst an intensely entertaining kids play session. Battery life is important to consider because kids also usually keep pressing the trigger button without any aim, chewing up power in the process.


You have undoubtedly chosen a great gift choice for your kids. Anything that can divert their attention from on-screen games proves to be a thoughtful gift. Go on, grab the set that you find the coolest, and get some laser tag action in your backyard.

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