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Best Gifts for 9-Year-Old Boys (Top 10 Toys & Presents)

Best Gifts for 9-Year-Old Boys (Top 10 Toys & Presents)

. 14 min read

Do you have a 9-year-old boy? Well, if you do then it is probably time he can begin to understand logic and reasoning. The ‘baby years’ have passed an he will be becoming a teenager in 4 years. The fact that they no more play with dolls and pointless characters that impart no kind of intellectual benefits, means that you need to get your 9-year old boy gifts that suit his age group. The basic number and alphabetical puzzles must be something that he can solve with ease and such gifts would prove useless after some usage. Trick games, story-like board games that have a reward system, and outdoor games that require the use of physical energy can prove to be a good option.

All toys for 9-year-kids are not reliable in case of durability, safety, strength, and assembly. Thus, you must get your little boy a gift keeping in mind how he treats his toys. Now that they are almost nearing a decade, they get a better sense of what they want and what they do not want. We have considered several factors and curated a list of toys that you can gift your 9-year-old boy. Whether it is Christmas, Easter, their Birthday or just a lucky day for your child, most of these options have proven to be favorites for young boys of this generation.

LEGO has been an all-time favorite for children of all age groups since its inception. This Fairground Carousel set comes with an attractive UFO-themed Ferris wheel structure and a free-fall ride that will leave your boy mesmerized. A collection of 595 pieces can keep your boy busy for hours at a stretch. Once assembled, he would have created an amusement park with an ice cream stall, rides, buildings, park benches, and multiple such structures. After seeing the picture of the final result on the box, the creative juices of your child begin to function towards joining the parts.

This LEGO Creators Kit comes with enough pieces to create 3 unique and fun rides. The red, yellow, blue, green and white colors lead to a sense of excitement within your child. Spending time with such piece-based puzzles can be one of the best games for 9-year-old boys.


  • 595 pieces can be combined to make a collective of 3 carnival rides
  • Activates the creative part of the brain of children
  • Merry-go-round structure has 4 suspended carriages which spin in the air
  • Improves your child’s ability to understand basic mechanics and assembly
  • These kind of LEGO kits are an ideal choice for neuro-rehab post brain damage


  • Multiple bags in this kit have specific parts for each design – pieces can get mixed up
  • Your boy can get frustrated looking for the right piece due to unnumbered bags

Why choose this as a gift for boys aged 9?

This toy can teach a child how to organize and work on such assembly projects with a plan.

2. UNO – Super Mario – Card Game for Kids

This is an absolute no-brainer for any parent looking for gifts for 9-year-old boys. Super Mario has been a character that has been active at some point during your child’s younger days. If not, then this is your chance to introduce him to Mario. This card game is a combination of UNO and Super Mario Bros. They can also better their color and number recognition abilities once they have understood the rules of the game. Especially due to UNO’s last card rule. Another fun feature in this game is the presence of an all-new Special Super Mario Star Card. This lets a player dodge a card that involves drawing extra cards and attack the previous player instead.

All the cards have prints of characters from the Super Mario World, making it a thrill to play several rounds of UNO in a go. You can also be a part of this old-school nostalgia and play along with your boy and his friends.


  • This game allows up to 10 players to play – making it a group game for your boy
  • The special Super Mario card makes UNO more interesting and exciting for children
  • The whole concept of Mario, his friends, and UNO cards makes it super entertaining
  • Cards are write-on type and customizable. Thus, different from traditional UNO


  • The cards are much smaller than original UNO cards

Why choose this as a gift for boys aged 9?

This game requires quick thinking in case of color and number recognition, making it a good option to increase your boy’s cognitive recognition abilities.

3. POWERUP 3.0 – Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplanes Conversion Kit for Kids - Most Fun Toy for 9 Year Olds

Wondering what do 9-year-old boys like? They most definitely would love to create objects that they can play with. Paper-planes are a classic example. But imagine a paper-plane that can be controlled via an on-screen remote on your smartphone. Yes! They do exist. POWERUP has designed a small paper-like plane that can be maneuvered via simply moving the smartphone in the desired direction you want to plane to go. An easy-to-use throttle level button has been also attached so your boy can ascend or descend the plane as per his likings.

This has been rated as one of the best gifts for 9-year-old boys, especially for the ones who are tech-savvy. They get complete control of range indicators to ensure that the Bluetooth connectivity does not get disconnected. Your child can get some hands-on experience to improve his motor skills. Also, the crash-resistant feature proves to be a great addition for children who have not fully understood how to operate this paper-plane.


  • The paper-plane can be disassembled and kept in the storage box when not in use
  • Instruction booklet teaches kids how to take off and understand gesture control
  • In-built application is compatible with all IOS and Apple smartphones
  • It has a crash-resistant design, thus increase in durability
  • Application has a visible range indicator designed for kids to observe


  • Range of the paper-plane is only 55 meters (180 feet), making outdoor usage risky
  • A strong paper airplane needs to be built, on which the motor and rudder are attached

Why choose this as a gift for boys aged 9?

This game requires you boy to make a solid paper-plane that can take the weight of a tiny motor. Not only does he develop better craft skills but also navigation skills.

4. Mega Construx Pokemon Gyrados Toy for Boys

Pokémon has been a great friend to all children throughout their journey growing-up. The Pokémon world has characters who have fire, water, wind, and psychic powers. Getting to know more about these powers by watching Pokémon episodes, playing with Pokémon cards and trading Pokémon toys has been an experience in the lives of most young children. The feeling when you get to evolve a Pokémon into its superior version brings a lot of happiness and excitement to children. This toy for 9-year-old boys is an evolution of the Pokémon Magikarp.

The 352 pieces combination can be one of the best presents for 9-year-old boys. When a child knows they will enjoy the outcome of a game, they will concentrate even more and not stop till they have got what they want. Thus, if your child is a Pokémon fan, then nothing can distract him from assembling Gyrados. The presence of an Ultra Ball makes it all the more entertaining when other Pokémon characters are used. Once assembled, your boy will have a wide smile on his face while looking at the legendary 9-inch water Pokémon. Also, the ready structure can be twisted and turned to increase the playful experience.


  • The toy is fully articulated – giving the child freedom to change the positioning
  • Color combinations with other Pokémon sets give a complete Pokémon experience
  • A water environment piece that can be doubled as a display stand is available
  • The presence of spikes, iconic fins, and fangs makes it an attractive toy for boys
  • It comes with an additional Ultra Ball to gamify the entire experience


  • The headpiece falls off in some positions
  • Instructions can be hard to follow if your child is not used to part-based toys

Why choose this as a gift for boys aged 9?

This sparks a sense of greater imagination in your young boy, giving him an opportunity to be more creative.

5. Kids Explorer Kit – Bug Catcher Kit for Boys and Girls

If your boy likes to play outdoors then there is nothing better than the Kids Explorer Kit that Norsy Toys provides. This is definitely one of the best birthday gifts for 9-year-old boys who spent a lot of time in front of screens. It comes with a headlight and attractive flashlight so that your kid can use it in the dark, or while on family camping adventures. To make it more fun, there is also a butterfly net and bug container for him to catch lovely insects in the middle of nature. Your 9-year-old can also clear his curiosity by using the magnifying glass to study something he finds attractive.

A set of tweezers is provided so that parents do not have to worry about their kids picking up insects by hand. Another safety measure for the kids and the parents is a whistle that your boy can wear on his neck and blow if he needs any help. Not to forget, it includes 4x zoom binoculars for kids to have a more enjoyable experience.


  • Comes with a perfect bag for you boy to store all accessories
  • Kids can get an opportunity to properly connect to nature and less of the digital world
  • The kit has a comfortable headlamp with a waterproof sealing
  • Multiple children can enjoy by using a single kit


  • The compass is known to get spoilt often
  • Bag provided is not waterproof

Why choose this as a gift for boys aged 9?

The Kids Explorer Kit is a perfect reason to take your child outdoors and let him connect with nature.

6. Crayola Emoji Stamp/Marker/Gift Majer

Is your kid a fan of art? This emoji maker kit can provide your boy with the required tools to create different emojis by using 3 unique colors – red, blue and green. The color mixing guide teaches your boy how to combine 2 or more colors to make the perfect color match for the stamps he chooses. Everything from a base unit, tweezers, container, and two 2 stamper cases are included. Let the best of your boy’s creativity flow and once he creates multiple stamps he can store them in customizable stamp cases.

To make your kid’s collection more interesting and organized, they can also use customized label stickers for the color patterns and emoji stamps they make.


  • 16 unique stampers – dogs, pizza, cats, eyes, hearts, wink smileys, etc.
  • It comes with marker labels and a storage box that can be customized by your boy
  • The tweezer helps ensure less untidiness
  • The process of mixing colors from a vial and create stamp designs mentally helps kids


  • Stickers may fall off the marker tubes after sometime
  • The actual stamp is very tiny

Why choose this as a gift for boys aged 9?

Your boy can draw, paint and get an idea of modern-day art that is being used in the digital world, giving him a great head start if he wants to be in the field of arts.

7. Made by Me Build & Paint Wooden Cars for Boys Aged 9 by Horizon Group USA

Does your little boy like to play with cars? Does he like to assemble parts of a toy? Does he like to paint? If your answers are all yes, then you may just have a really cool gift for your 9-year-old boy. The entire kit comes in a box that contains 42 pre-cut pieces of car parts, wheels, acrylic paint, sandpaper and enough glue to experiment with all the designs. The instruction panel can guide your boy on how to assemble the pieces with added glue. Once the car is assembled, your boy can mix up the colors and paint any design he likes. He can also use any of the stickers provided to add a funky look to his artsy car.

Such easy-to-use tools at his disposal will inspire creative thinking, widen his imagination and strengthen his problem-solving skills at the tender age of 9. He can also build 3 different cars with his friends and play racing games. The thrill of racing toy cars made by the child itself is a delightful experience.


  • The car is designed such that the axel has space to spin and the wheel can move
  • Additional stickers and colors can let your child create designs that he desires
  • Brings in a constructive gaming experience
  • Perfectly cut wooden pieces give the car an attractive look


  • Axel holes can get dirty, making it difficult to rotate
  • The wheels cannot turn in any direction, they only roll

Why choose this as a gift for boys aged 9?

This gift is a complete package that includes creativity, action and group activity.

8. Dragonwood – A Game of Dice & Daring Board Game for Kids and Families

If your little one has grown to like fictional stories and is always looking for new stories because they excite him, then this can be a unique Christmas present for your 9-year-old boy. This board game consists of multiple different cards along with some coins and 6 custom dice. When playing with 2 to 4 people, your child can get lost in the story that is visually appealing and present on the board. When he begins to use the cards, he will realize that it’s a treasure hunting game that includes searching the Witch’s Cabin and the Ogre’s Treehouse.

There are goblins who interrupt your boy’s treasure hunting journey and he will have to figure ways of logic and luck to prevent these goblins from snatching his coins.


  • Highly engaging fantasy game for kids that sparks creativity and imagination
  • Short playtime of 20 to 30 minutes
  • Action cards perform strategic moves against hurdles, improving problem-solving
  • Can be a highly entertaining family game


  • It can get boring eventually due to repetitive movements

Why choose this as a gift for boys aged 9?

The presence of a fantasy world with hidden treasures gives your 9-year-old son a motive to think harder and complete the game.

9. NERF Fortnite RL Blaster for Boys

Irrespective of whether your boy is or is not a NERFs fan, this foam-rocket firing gun can be one of the best toys for 9-year-old boys. This is a replica of the RL blaster used in the video game, Fortnite. This toy can convert video game action into real-life action for your young boy.

The mechanism to launch a foam rocket is suitable for most children as it simply follows a pattern of load, pull and trigger fire.

This toy comes with 2 foam rockets. Each rocket has been manufactured using durable flexible foam and has also been tested for performance. The question of safety does not arise as it runs on batteries, neither is there any backward force when a rocket is launched.


  • With the NERF Pro jacket, the two can become a perfect combination for NERF battles
  • Tried and tested quality of foam rockets
  • Hollow tips completely cancel the possibility of any injuries
  • Simple 3 step launching process


  • Extra foam rockets need to be purchased separately
  • Rocket wings can break off easily

Why choose this as a gift for boys aged 9?

If your child has been a part of the NERFs video game community then this could prove to be one of the best gifts he has ever received.

10. Marky Sparky Faux Bow 3 for Boys Aged 9 and above

Out of all the gifts for 9-year-old boys mentioned, this is probably the most high-end in quality, performance and also in terms of sharpening some basic survival skills for your young boy. The arrows have flat foamy tips making it safe to play with and that too without compromising the speed of the arrow when launched. Imagine, the arrow can be shot up to 100 feet if proper posture and technique are maintained. Your boy can play with this Marky Sparky bow and arrow toy in the backyard or open gardens, bringing in space for some outdoor activities.

6 lightweight arrows can be stored on the quiver without spoiling the aim in any way. The arrow snap-in and snap-out mechanism is very basic and can easily be done by your child too. You can also take this toy for family vacations by making use of its removable launch tube.


  • The entire archery set is made of non-latex material
  • Arrows have hollow tips and an easy-to-use ‘snap’ process
  • Has been designed such that the string can easily be pulled back by kids
  • Quiver can be used to store more arrows and get the archer look
  • Design is so well-done that arrows can be shot 100 feet away


  • Foam arrows can easily face wear and tear
  • Tiny plastic pins in the air tube can break due to rough usage

Why choose this as a gift for boys aged 9?

This is a perfect gift for your child if he is a fan of archery. It can prove to be a great shooting game in the backyard with family.

Buying Guide: Best Gift Toys for 9-year-old boys

Now that your child has grown up, finding the perfect toy can be even more difficult than it was. Even if you find the right toy you must make sure you consider his taste, habits and also the durability of the toy you are purchasing. Toys for nine-year-old boys require to be strong and made of high-quality material as the odds are that your kid is stronger than his younger days. Although his logic may have improved, his activity levels may prove too high for a delicate toy to survive.

Another factor to consider is how attractive you think your boy will find the gift. No point spending money on a gift that he uses for a couple of days and then keeps away for good. Look for a gift that forces him to be more creative, imaginative and a problem solver, this makes his gaming interaction a more valuable and engaging experience. If he likes mysteries, then get him a puzzle game that suits his age group. If he likes activity, then get him some unique outdoor toys that he can play with.

Lastly, the fact that your toddler has now become 9 years of age means that he is approaching higher standards in his education. Make sure that whatever toy, puzzle or game kit you gift him has some kind of functioning that gives him a sense of the STEM fields. This can prove highly valuable in later days when your kid is in the real world doing a designing, painting, engineering or any other project in a creative field.


The diversity in the list of gift ideas mentioned above can help you choose from a range of mental activity to physical activity focused toys. Some will give your children more outdoor or physically energetic times whereas some will require more mental power and sitting in one place to assemble a structure, solve puzzles or beat opponents via a creative board game. Depending on your child’s hobbies or depending on what you want your kid to venture into, you can choose a relevant gift that makes a positive impact in his life.

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