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Best Gifts and Toys for 6-Year-Old Boys

Best Gifts and Toys for 6-Year-Old Boys

. 14 min read

Has your little one reached the 6-year-old mark? Is it time to hand your young boy some creative and brain developing games? Are you wondering what to get a 6-year-old boy? Puzzles, electronic toys, general knowledge games, and imaginative character toys can prove to be a lovely gift for your child. They are definitely not infants once they hit the age of 6, which is why you need something more attractive and catchier. All that blooming energy within them can be channeled into productivity that helps them think out of the box. There are hundreds of toys that you can gift your kid, especially the ones that have been designed to test their logic and build their creativity levels.

Below we have curated a list of 10 worthy toys that we recommend you to give as a present for 6-year-old boys. Considering 6-year olds are active and always playing and jumping, most of these toys can be used indoors and outdoors too. They can also be transported with ease when you decide to go for family picnics and long vacations. Expect to find a blend of toys that focus on basic physical activity, logical thinking, and formation of shapes, letters, and numbers. Keep reading to choose a perfect gift for your young boy to utterly enjoy –

1. Flybar Foam Pogo Jumper Toy

This foam pogo jumper toy proves to be just right for most boys aged 6 or above. They can get their daily dose of basic physical activity on their lower body via hopping around the house or garden area. With each jump, a squeaky mouse-like sound accompanies the movement of the jumper toy and this proves to be even more fun for your child. Apart from all the fun, it also trains your little one with some hand-eye coordination skills which helps them gain a better understanding of how to maintain balance.

The heavy-duty foam makes it a flexible product in terms of usage on beaches, gardens, rocky lands, carpet and wood. Even the foam used on the handles ensures that minimal slipping episodes occur while your boy naturally builds on his fitness.

Pros –

  • The material ensures zero scratches on surfaces
  • It enhances their motor skills
  • The bungee cord is extendable up to 40 inches
  • It is a perfect alternative to spending time on digital devices
  • It has been engineered to withstand all kinds of wear and tear

Cons –

  • It can be hard to jump on the pogo stick from one spot to another
  • The squeaky sounds can be annoying for other members of the house

What makes it one of the best toys for boys aged 6?

It helps them play and do physical activity focused on their lower body at the same time.

2. Peaceable Kingdom Game for Kids

This is a maze game that involves logical thinking and valid reasoning. The whole concept of solving puzzles includes clear communication and multiple minds working as a team. Considering the impact it has on developing effective communication skills, it can prove to be the best gift for a 6-year-old boy. The thrill of finding treasures and giving it to the Queen before the morning has arrived is a perfect driving force for your young boy to complete the maze.

Multiple children can play together to figure out which side of the board is the treasure on. This Gnomes at Night game is unique from other puzzle games as it requires a fair amount of backtracking. This proves to increase your child’s patience and problem-solving abilities.

Pros –

  • It helps in improving teamwork skills
  • The package includes 4 game boards for 4 unique levels
  • Each board has two sides and without proper communication, it becomes impossible to solve
  • Young children build on their ability to be descriptive

Cons –

  • The rules can be confusing for children
  • The presence of very few cards make the game predictable after some usage

What makes it one of the best toys for boys aged 6?

Young ones can build on communication, coordination and the ability to describe objects and situations better.

3. US Sense 21 Pack LED Foam Finger Rocket Slingshot Toys for Boys Aged 6 and Above

Imagine slingshots that do not hurt? That too with LEDs inside them. We would rate this as one of the top gifts for 6-year-old boys as it involves a lot of dodging, hiding, running and reassembly of the toy for the same cycle to repeat. The foam-made rubber launcher assures safety and the LEDs make it a go-to toy even when the sun has set. 21 finger rockets prove to be enough for just your child or even with his friends, and the storage box assures the toys can be packed in place and not scattered all around the house or garden.

The LED can stay on for 72 hours and includes no batteries or any kind of fuel. In fact, kinetic energy is used due to the presence of a rubber band to launch the foam rocket. Your child can improve his aiming, posture and control over handling basic equipment. Also, US Sense has designed this product to work just fine in pool parties, backyard, camping spots, gardens, and several group activities. Overall, it proves as a perfect toy to be a playing and learning partner.

Pros –

  • The foam rockets are durable and safe for usage
  • The rockets can be shot with a rubber band, no batteries or fuel is needed
  • This toy is RoHS certified – does not have any mercury content
  • Interests children in STEM at an early age
  • The rocket can be launched up to 50 feet high
  • Portability – can be used anywhere

Cons –

  • The foam rocket is known to tear easily
  • Some lights do not work upon receiving the product

What makes it one of the best toys for boys aged 6?

It helps them learn and practice how to aim better.

4. LEGO City Stunt Truck Game Toys for Boys (Best Building Toy for 6 year olds)

LEGO toys have often proved to be the best building toys for 6-year-old boys. The whole concept of using dozens of small parts and building a structure makes it not only a lot of fun but also helps in practicing dexterity. This stunt truck toy involves assembling the toy with different amounts of pressure while exercising the brain and fingers. With a final motive to watch their truck doing stunts, they naturally build on organizational and concentration skills.

Getting to experiment with so many moving parts allows them to work on lateral thinking so that they can begin their gaming adventure. It has been assured that spending considerable time with such LEGO toys improves the spatial awareness and reasoning of young children.

Pros –

  • There are 91 pieces that can be used to make the complete stunt truck
  • It can be used in the garden for a real-world experience
  • Highly robust and durable pieces that can be assembled
  • Improves several brain functions and helps to naturally develop helpful skills
  • It has been designed such that it is safe to use

Cons –

  • Some pieces may fall off while stunts are being done
  • The stunt truck is much smaller than it seems on the box

What makes it one of the best toys for boys aged 6?

Your young boy will automatically improve his awareness on matters related to construction, space, organization, and execution, all this while having fun.

5. Osmo – Genius Games Kit for Ipad for Boys and Girls

If your young boy is turning 6 and you are looking to buy him a gift in December, then here is the ideal Christmas gift for 6-year-old boys. Being in the 21st century, the odds are your child spends considerable time on his iPad. This product can be synced with an iPad and give rise to several interactive games that focus on continuous learning while enjoying the touch of a device. On-screen visuals will be relevant to the tangram pieces, word and number titles, art-related supplies and other items present in the box. Your children can now use hand-held puzzles and solve the same puzzle on the iPad.

Be it mathematics, spellings, sentence formation, drawing, vocabulary building, or reading – the Osma helps in learning how to be creative while also solving problems related to basic subjects.

Pros –

  • Osma is compatible with iPad 2-6/Mini 1-4/Air 1-2/Pro 9.7 & 10.5 inches
  • Children can learn creativity while also being tech-savvy
  • Osmo detects Tangram actions and provides instant feedback
  • It provides a hands-on interactive gaming experience
  • There are games ranging from beginner to expert levels
  • An application lets parents monitor and allocate games for their children

Cons –

  • It can prove to be costly – but its wonderful features nullify the cost
  • They provide only uppercase letters but the on-screen games are lowercase

What makes it one of the best toys for boys aged 6?

They can keep using digital devices while simultaneously educating themselves through the same mode.

6. Toyk LED Hover Soccer Ball for Age 6+ Boys

Does your little boy have a habit of kicking around the football all over the house? This can be a perfect solution not only for you but also for your child. Gift your 6-year-old boy an artificial football that has a powerful fan beneath it to help smoothly glide across most flat surfaces. This toy is lit by several LED lights that flash in the dark, making it usable even with no lights at night. Make your playtime with your children more exciting and challenging while you also get to entertain yourself or his friends to an enjoyable extent.

The toy has been made from a non-toxic plastic and the rim has a sponge making it safe for children to kick around (not to forget, this also minimizes any damage to furniture). You will have no worry about your child or his friends hurting themselves during this interactive gaming experience. Additionally, this soccer ball can also be used to play with pets indoors.

Pros –

  • The plastic is made of non-toxic materials
  • The ball has a soft foam bumper around its circumference, thus no furniture damage
  • Your child can build on their soccer skills at home itself
  • A fan is attached on the top that sucks air and transfers it to the bottom for smooth movement
  • It can be used on hard, tiled and smooth floorings

Cons –

  • Kicking the ball too hard may cause the fan motor to stop working
  • Children can get their hair stuck in the fan while fidgeting

What makes it one of the best toys for boys aged 6?

This can be a good gift for 6-year-old boys who love to play sports. In extreme weather conditions, they can exercise by playing with this toy soccer ball indoors.

7. National Geographic Mega Construction Engineering Toy and Game Set for Boys (BEST Learning Toy for 6 year old Boys)

This is without a doubt one of the best toys for 6-year-old boys due to the focus on basic engineering aspects. This National Geographic toy and game set for boys comes with a total of 121 pieces that can be combined to form up to 35 unique and attractive toys. Your boy can use his creative and logical thinking to create windmills, dinosaurs, motorcycles, helicopters, racing cars, trucks and many more. The instruction guide can help your child through the whole process of assembling any model they desire.

An application on the smartphone can guide your children to understand and use 3D views to help in piece-by-piece assembly. There is also a battery-powered motor that can be attached to each model to make them move. The fact that all pieces are simply snap-fit designed, makes it a perfect option for small children.

Pros –

  • There are step-by-step instructions to make any model available
  • All models can be brought to life by the attachable battery-powered motor
  • There is a Play Store Application for instructions and guidance for little kids
  • All 121 pieces are snap-in and snap-out fittings making it easy for children
  • Your child gets to improve their 2D and 3D understanding of objects

Cons –

  • The included motor may lack power for some of the models
  • The motor does function at all on some of the bigger models

What makes it one of the best toys for boys aged 6?

At the tender age of 6, your child will get an idea of several engineering concepts that they can easily relate to once they grow up.

8. IMPRESA Large Rainbow Delta Kite Toy for all Children Aged 5 and Above

A rainbow delta kite is perfect for an age 6 boy toy. The premium quality kite is made of nylon fabric that erases any chances of wear and tear by your young one. The fiberglass rods add extra reinforcement of 200 inches worth kite string, making it a long-term use toy that can be used outdoors. The equipment present in the kite kit makes it a perfect toy for the beach, garden or even open grounds. Also, the presence of several colors makes it an attractive item to play with and when your child sees it in the sky, they are surely going to be happy.

If you are going on vacations, then your child’s kite toy can easily be packed in suitcases of all sizes. Worried about damage due to how naughty your kid is? IMPRESA provides a lifetime warranty for this product.

Pros –

  • Convenient for children to assemble, launch and fly
  • Durable materials make it last longer than most kites
  • The size of the kite will satisfy your child when it is soaring in the sky
  • It can handle winds ranging from 5 to 16 mph
  • Made of weather-resistant and flexible fiberglass rods

Cons –

  • Children will struggle to fly the kite with low winds
  • An adult may be required to assemble the kite for children

What makes it one of the best toys for boys aged 6?

The fancy colors and big size of the kite prove to establish a sense of great achievement in the minds of young children.

9. Noodley LED Gloves for Boys to Play Indoor and Outdoor

Young boys are easily fascinated with colorful toys that they can attach to themselves and run around. These LED gloves made by Noodley is one of the perfect toys for 6-year-old boys. When children get together at birthdays or occasion-based parties they can enjoy by flashing these LED light gloves to all their friends. Whether it is Halloween, Flag day or an Easter party, your child can put on these gloves for a fancy look and for safety during night time playing.

These alternating LEDs can fascinate children with autistic disorders and spread a nice atmosphere of fun and laughter in the room. The material is made to keep your children’s hands warm in winter, irrespective of their hand size.

Pros –

  • Made of lightweight cotton/polyester material that stretches up to ½ inch
  • The secured lining ensures the glove will not turn inside-out
  • The gloves come with 2 pre-installed replaceable batteries and one extra set
  • This toy has been tested to meet safety US CPSC requirements
  • Red, green, blue and yellow lights constantly alternate at a constant pace

Cons –

  • The LED gloves are not waterproof
  • When children remove the gloves there is a chance that the threading can tear

What makes it one of the best toys for boys aged 6?

It can prove to be a great form of entertainment and diversion from constantly playing games on smartphones and other digital devices.

10. Pop Up Pirate Toy Game for Boys

This is a basic toy for boys but yet amongst the top gifts for 6-year-old boys. One brown barrel that consists of space for one pink-capped pirate and 24 swords of red, yellow, green and blue colors can provide your child with some fun popping-action. Each time a sword is inserted in an incorrect spot, the pirate pops up with a naughty grin on his face. This motivates your little boy to make sure the pirate is attacked through the correct hole.

This toy needs no batteries and works because of a simple spring that pops the pirate out of the barrel. Even your child’s friends can join in and they can poke the sword into each barrel till the pirate has been caught.

Pros –

  • This toy can allow up to 4 players to play at the same time
  • It does not include any electronics and functions due to a basic string
  • Popping action of the pirate is highly entertaining for the child
  • The barrel slots that attack the pirate keep altering – keeping your child busy
  • There are stickers of birds, smiling sharks and an octopus for added entertainment

Cons –

  • Sometimes, despite putting all swords the pirate does not pop-up
  • No storage box is provided – if the swords are lost, the game becomes useless

What makes it one of the best toys for boys aged 6?

The bright colors prove to entertain the child and the eagerness to figure patterns that the spring mechanism works on makes it a very interesting gift for a 6-year-old boy.

Best Toys for 6-year-old Boys: Factors to consider

Buying a toy as a gift for a 6-year-old boy can be confusing. Some may wonder whether they should purchase a toy that works on electronics, mechanics or none. The kind of toy you are looking for entirely depends on the taste of your child and what you want him to get involved in. If they are passionate about music, sports or English then get them a toy that is relevant to their likings. Here are few factors you must look into while buying a gift for younger boy –

  • Durability – Children are known to be rough with toys, especially the boys. Ensure that whatever you are buying has been manufactured keeping in mind, that a 6-year-old active boy will be using. The materials must be strong, durable and resistant to wear and tear.
  • Physical milestones – The fact that your chubby boy is now 6 means that getting a game or toy that involves running around is a good idea. Look for something like the Flybar Foam Pogo Jumper toy that helps the child build on their basic physique. This way you are not only gifting them something that entertains and provides them fun, but you are also providing them a mode to do exercise while they enjoy their playtime.
  • Taste – There are boys who hate solving puzzles and some who love to do so. Some children even hate physical activity in their playtime and prefer to sit and play a game. The odds are that if you get your child something that he usually avoids, he will avoid this gift too. For this reason, you must get your child something similar to what they usually play with and refrain from getting something totally out of the box, so that both, time and money are not wasted.


We have compiled a list of toys that are super affordable and that most children would love to have amongst their collection of toys. From hereon, it depends on what would you like to gift your or someone else’s 6-year-old boy.

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