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Top 9 Best Gas Dirt Bikes For Kids

Top 9 Best Gas Dirt Bikes For Kids

. 11 min read

Choosing the best gas dirt bike for kids is a difficult decision. There are tons of different factors to consider, and so many great options out there as well. Each gas dirt bike is capable of going at different speeds, they have exciting features, and are quite safe to use no matter what age the child is. For beginners, some of the gas dirt bikes come with training wheels to make it easier for them to ride around. Children between the ages of 3-10 years old might require seats of different heights or bikes with a better weight capacity. There is surely a lot to be considered when picking out the best gas-powered motorcycles for kids. To streamline the process for you, we have created a simple to-the-point list on the 9 Best Gas Dirt Bikes For Kids.

1. Best Beginner Gas Motorcycle For Kids:  SYX MOTO Kids Mini Dirt Bike

Made for children who are six years old or younger, this gas dirt bike is great for children who are just beginning to ride. It comes with a 50cc motor that is easier to handle when one is just learning how to ride. Despite its small size it is a very powerful gas-powered motorcycle and has enough power in its tank to take the child on a 45-minute long ride. Its comfortable rear suspension and good safety features make it a superb entry-level vehicle to use.


  • The bike requires the very little assembly of the rear shock absorber, front wheel, the handlebar, and the fender
  • This gas dirt bike for kids has a very comfortable rear suspension
  • To help you stop easily and efficiently there is a powerful front and back brake disc
  • It has a 2-stroke engine that does not make a lot of noise
  • Parents can use the speed limiter to take this dirt bike down from 30mph to 15mph to keep the child safe and secure
  • The gas-powered motorcycle kit comes with the necessary tools and hardware needed to assemble the bike


  • Some people have not liked the sticker set provided with the bike
  • The bike would work well with a better chain

What is Great About It

Parents can limit the speed of this gas-powered motorcycle for kids. They can reduce it from 30mph to 15mph for the safety of their child.

This gas dirt bike is a superb choice for a child who is just starting to ride. It will give them the stability and safety that they require right in the beginning. If your child is younger than four then it is best to start them off with riding toys that can help them grow their confidence. These riding toys for kids can be used indoors, outdoors, and they teach the child how to balance themselves well. So before thinking of diving straightaway into a gas dirt bike why not check out some of the Best Riding Toys For Kids.

2. Best Gas-powered Dirt Bike Insulation:  X-PRO Bolt 50cc Gas Dirt Bike

This stylish gas dirt bike has a lot of power that is packed right into it. It has a 50cc motor and can reach up to speeds of 25mph. For better safety, its engine is air-cooled to prevent it from getting overheated after long rides. The thermal engine insulation also protects children’s legs and hands from being hurt or burnt when riding. This gas-powered motorcycle has a pull start feature that helps kids have more control over the bike if it suddenly stalls. Along with that, the waterproof bearings on it allow them to ride in muddy areas without worrying much about it getting damaged.


  • The 2-stroke engine in this gas dirt bike is air-cooled to prevent it from suddenly overheating
  • Parents can control the speed of the bike by pressing the speed governor located on the handle
  • To give kids more control over the gas-powered motorcycle in event of it being stalled, it has a chain transmission and pulls start
  • The bearings are waterproof so that the dirt bike can work well in muddy environments
  • The chain has a cover to protect children’s fingers from getting pinched
  • It has thermal insulation to protect the kid from getting burnt when riding
  • Gloves and goggles are provided with this gas dirt bike.


  • The handlebars might be smaller for children who are 10 years and older
  • Its front tire also moves when the front brake is applied
  • The gloves and goggles are slightly large for small children

What is Great About It

The bike's air-cooled engine and the thermal insulation system protect not only the engine but the rider from getting hurt in any way.

Riding around on this gas dirt bike for kids is an activity that your child is sure to enjoy. They get a chance to roam the outdoors and have the time of their life. Once they get back inside why not try a different kind of equally exciting activity. Activity centers for kids come with the most action-packed diverse line-up of things that children can do. Check this list of the Best Activity Centers to learn more about them.

3. Best Gas-powered Motorcycle Brake System: Taotao DB14 110cc Dirt Bike

The Taotao gas-powered motorcycle for kids has a lot of power in its 110cc engine. It has a sleek aerodynamic design that can be handled well as the child races along. The 4-stroke engine makes it twice as powerful as most gas dirt bikes. Its front and rear hydraulic brake system, as well as the automatic transmission, allow the rider to reduce its speed much faster than other bikes. For children above 7, this bike is the perfect size to use.


  • This gas dirt bike for kids can go to 40mph depending upon the condition of the road
  • The single-cylinder 4-stroke engine is very powerful
  • A front and back hydraulic disc brake system helps to lower speeds very quickly
  • Older children around 7 and above will find this gas-powered motorcycle to be a good fit from them


  • The gas dirt bike with its higher seat can be too tall for smaller children

What is Great About It

It can go up to speeds of 40mph thereby making it great for advanced riding and taking part in races. The brake system is also very sophisticated and can stop the bike very quickly.

4. Best Gas-powered Dirt Bike Suspension: Massimo MB200 Supersized 196CC Mini Bike

The Massimo MB200 Is a good gas-powered motorcycle for kids who are 11 years and older. It can accommodate teens and adults who weigh up to 200 lbs. This bike has a dual front suspension and wider tires that cushion the child's ride and improve the bike's traction. For better safety, there are reflectors placed all around the bike so that it is easily visible in low light. A chainguard, exhaust heat shielding part, and a switch to stop the engine are other useful safety features.


  • Its dual front suspension helps to cushion the ride on bumpy terrain
  • The gas dirt bike has safety features like a chain guard, exhaust heat shield, and an engine stop switch
  • The bike arrives already fully assembled
  • It has a large capacity fuel tank which means that it does not constantly need to be topped up
  • There is a storage compartment located in the gas-powered motorcycle
  • The handlebars have a vibration-free rubber mounting system
  • There are reflectors all around the bike for safety
  • Its tires are wider than other gas dirt bike options


  • When riding over bumps, sometimes the screws that are holding the front fender rip into the tires
  • There are no rear shocks on the bike

What is Great About It

The wide tires of this gas-powered motorcycle and its dual front suspension provide better traction and cushion the ride for the child.

5. Best Gas Dirt Bike Engine: Starmax 40cc Gas-powered Mini Dirt Bike

The Starmax gas dirt bike for kids is wonderfully built for lighter and younger riders. It has a 40cc motor that can achieve speeds of 18mph which is good for taking long rides. The knobby dirt tires on this bike work superbly on rough terrain. Along with that, its 4-stroke engine does not produce smoke when riding and is very good for the environment. This gas dirt bike’s engine is also very easy to start.


  • It has a single-cylinder 4-stroke engine that works fairly quietly, it is non-polluting, and easy to start right up
  • It has knobby dirt tires to work well on all terrain
  • There is no smoke produced when riding the bike


  • The frame of the gas dirt bike is made with fragile plastic
  • Its chain tends to pop off

What is Great About It

The single-cylinder 4-stroke engine is very quiet as compared to other gas dirt bikes. It also does not produce smoke when used.

Along with these amazing gas-powered motorcycles for kids, another great thing you can do for your child is to get them educational toys. Educational toys for children develop their minds as they grow older. It provides them with a lot of sensory stimulation that is fun, engaging, and very exciting. To learn more, read this list of the Best Educational Toys For Kids.

6. Best Dirt Bike For 4-Year Olds: Apollo New Youth Fully Automatic DB25

This 70cc gas dirt bike comes equipped with training wheels to help the child ride safely as they begin learning. For a stable, smooth, and safe ride it has a high-quality aluminum handlebar with a soft pad all around it. Handling and controlling the bike is easy with its hydraulic fork suspension system and the 255mm coil-over rear shock absorber. This gas-powered motorcycle for kids goes up to speeds of 35mph. It is fully automatic and has very a simple electric start process.  


  • The bike has an easy electric start process
  • It has a maximum horsepower of 6.1 HP
  • The frame of the gas dirt bike is tough and very rugged
  • Very easy to handle and control the bike with its automatic transmission and simple acceleration system
  • Its Keihin carburetor greatly improves the bike’s performance
  • There are a front and rear drum brake with the gas dirt bike
  • It has aluminum rims, made of lightweight material, and OEM knobby tires that allow the child to ride over any surfaces


  • The tires tubes of the bike are not so great

What is Great About It

This gas-powered dirt bike is equipped with removable training wheels for younger children. It also has an advanced rear shock absorber to make the ride smoother.

7. Most Fuel Efficient Gas-powered Motorcycle: Coleman Powersports Mini Bike

The Coleman Powersports Mini Bike is a fuel-efficient gas-powered bike. Its tank has a 95-gallon capacity and it lasts for a long time when riding. The bike comes with 6.5 horsepower and an easy pull start which makes it fast and simple to use. The strong clutch, sturdy metal frame, and its powerful rear drum brake make it the best for use on rugged terrain. It can easily carry around 200 pounds of weight and is a good gas dirt bike for kids who are 13 years and older.


  • It has a 4-stroke OHV 1 cylinder engine
  • The bike is very fuel-efficient and can be used for a long time with its 95-gallon capacity
  • It has low-pressure tires that provide a comfortable ride on most surfaces
  • Equipped with a retractable kickstand and footpegs on each side for added balance


  • The clutch bearing and chain requires lube before being used
  • If you ride at high speeds the chain of the bike may get separated from it

What is Great About It

The weight limit of the bike, its low-pressure tires, and fuel-efficient tank make it a marvelous gas-powered dirt bike to use.

8. Best Gas-powered Motorcycle Speed:   Apollo DB-007 125cc Dirt Bike

The Apollo DB-007 is an all-terrain bike that is superbly easy to handle. It can go up to speeds of 55mph depending upon the type of terrain that the child is riding on. There is a 4-speed manual clutch transmission, great brake system, and springs to keep your kids safe. This gas dirt bike also fulfills the legal criteria of having working headlights and useful signals. It is also a very lightweight bike and can carry 200 pounds of weight easily.


  • The gas-powered motorcycle for kids can handle speed up to 55mph
  • It has a great 4-speed manual clutch
  • It has working signals and headlights too


  • The instructions with the bike are not very helpful
  • It requires a lot of assemblies to be done

What is Great About It

It has high-quality front and rear hydraulic disc brakes and springs to ensure that your child is safe when they go out for a ride. This gas dirt bike for kids can also reach very high speeds easily making it great for racing.

9. Easiest Gas Dirt Bike Starting Method:  Coolster Kids Gas Mini Dirt Bike

The Coolster gas-powered motorcycle works well for kids between the ages of 7 to 13 years. It has a semi-automatic transmission system and a single-cylinder 4-stroke engine that is air-cooled. This bike is easy to start up with just one or two kicks. It has decent knobby tires that ride smoothly over most surfaces. Your child can have the ride of their life with this fantastic and easy-to-use gas dirt bike.


  • It does not need much assembly apart from the handlebar and tires
  • There are a very good suspension and brake system in this bike
  • It goes up to speeds of 30mph
  • It can hold 130 lbs. easily


  • This gas dirt bike for kids does not have the same shift pattern as bikes for adults

What Is Great About It

This gas dirt bike has the easiest kick starting system that works within just one or two kicks. So there is no frustration with the starting process and the child can begin riding right away.

All of these gas dirt bikes for kids have been checked carefully to ensure that they are indeed the best and have the highest quality materials for the safety of your child. You can be sure that getting one of these bikes for your kid is going to make them extremely happy! It is a priceless moment to be able to see your child handling a gas-powered motorcycle confidently while also having a lot of fun.

Best Dirt Bike FAQs.

What age is a 50cc dirt bike for?

Children can begin riding 50cc gas dirt bikes as early as 4 years of age with the help of some training wheels. At 5 years and older, they can use it without training wheels and start looking into faster and more advanced gas-powered motorcycles.

What is the best kid’s dirt bike?

The best gas dirt bikes for kids comes with great suspension, efficient brake systems, parental controls, and many more features. To find the best gas-powered motorcycles with all these features you can read this short list.

What is a good dirt bike for a 10-year-old?

The Coolster Kids Gas Mini Dirt Bike comes with a weight limit of 130 lbs. and can go up to 30mph. It is a good gas dirt bike for 10-year olds and is very easy to use. Read this list to learn more about it.

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