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The 10 Best Toy Fire Trucks For Toddlers

The 10 Best Toy Fire Trucks For Toddlers

. 13 min read

Firetruck toys for kids come in all shapes, sizes, and have a lot of interesting features to occupy your little ones. They work especially well for active kids since there is a lot of running around and movement involved. Each fire engine toy comes with firefighter figures that bring the child into a world of imagination. They can get super creative and make tons of stories with the help of these toys.  There are a lot of teaching and learning moments when a child gets a firefighter toy. It helps them to learn more about fire safety while also improving motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and curiosity. If you are interested in doing all that for your kids and more, check out the 10 Best Toy Fire Trucks For Toddlers.

1. Best Fire Fighting Toy For Toddler Learning: Fire Truck Toys with Play Mat

This wonderful fire truck toy for toddlers is not only fun to play with but also extremely educational. It comes with a fire rescue mat that is specially designed with a cool street scene. The street design provides children with a way to visualize better, and move the truck around to rescue people. This cool mat is made with non-slip rubber so that it can be used on any surface easily. Children can play with the 6 fire engine toys and make them zoom about rescuing people by putting out fires. It is a good learning experience for them and also develops hand-eye coordination in the process. You will notice how easily they can understand about fire safety after playing with this wonderful toy.


  • The fire engine toy comes with 6 mini fire trucks
  • There are three road signs in the set, a fire rescue mat, and other little fun designs
  • The toys are made with plastic that is non-toxic and can withstand rough play
  • The rescue mat that comes with the set is made of non-slip rubber so that it can be placed anywhere


  • It is not a very lightweight toy

Best Part Of The Toy Fire Truck

The Chicken Toy Firefighter set for kids provides them with an interactive learning experience. It has a printed rescue mat with road design and other important street details. They engage the child and helps them learn a lot more.

2. Best Fire Truck Toy Sounds:  Gizmovine Fire Truck Toy

The Gizmovine Fire truck toy for toddlers is an easy-to-use and creative set to play with. It is equipped with a rotating ladder that children can use to get firemen out of tough spots. The ladder is great for reaching heights so that the firemen can get to taller buildings too. When moving the fire engine toy about, they can play 4 real fire truck sounds just by the push of a button. All of these sounds create a unique sensory experience for the children and fascinate them as well. The truck also moves smoothly on most surfaces and it can go farther than other fire trucks when pushed. It is really easy for young kids to operate this toy.


  • It has many flashing lights and 4 real fire truck sounds which lend a sense of realism to the toy
  • There is a cool rescue rotating ladder that can be moved about very easily
  • This fire truck toy for kids is designed very realistically and it comes with beautiful designs
  • The toy is designed to move easily on most surfaces indoors and outdoors


  • Some customers have reported that the plastic material of the fire engine toy is very thin

Best Part Of The Fire Truck

The four sounds that this toy makes are very realistic and interesting. Children can play them again and again just by pushing one button. It can be used to play games where children learn to identify different sounds by ear.

3. Best Smooth Movement In A Fire Truck Toy:   Fire Trucks for Boys - Firetruck And Fireman

This is one of the best friction-powered fire truck toys for kids. It moves simply by pushing and pulling the toy which makes it a favorite for young kids as well. The toy comes with a lot of cool parts like a 360-degree ladder that also extends very far. Children can play fun games with the ladder and pretend to rescue people with the 5 firemen figures. Having so many firefighter toys is the best way for children to learn and imagine better. When they decide to save the people in trouble, they can play the realistic fire engine toy sounds as well.


  • There is a 20-inch rescue ladder with this set that extends and swivels in all directions
  • The details on this toy are eye-catching for younger children
  • It comes with 5 firemen figures to play with and children can even share them with their friends
  • The toy is friction powered which makes it simpler to use


The firemen toys are not bendable and can only remain standing straight

Best Part Of The Fire Engine Toy

This is a friction-powered fire truck toy for kids and it moves very smoothly whenever used. For little children who are just begging to play and grasp objects, this is a suitable toy to give them.

4. Best Imaginative Fire Truck Toy For Kids:  Kidkraft Fire Station Set

This is a fire truck toy for toddlers that allows them to act out a lot of interesting scenarios. It has a 360-degree accessible fire station which means that there are a lot of openings that the child can use to reach the toy. The fire station design is very interesting and children will spend a lot of time observing all of its details. Along with that it is built with wood and lasts through a lot of rough play. Children can have fun with the bendable firefighter toys and have them set out many fires. The set also has many accessories like a helicopter, a fire station pole, and a cute Dalmatian. This colorful firefighter toy for kids will be a hit with your little one. It is a great gift to give kids and will provide them with hours of fun.


  • It comes with 15 accessories that help make playtime more fun
  • The wooden pieces are very sturdy and can survive a lot of falls
  • It has a wonderful helicopter on the roof that can be used for other creative play
  • The assembly process is very easy and requires just a few steps
  • It has a fire pole so that the firemen move about quickly through the fire station.


  • The loose pieces could get lost or cause a mess when children are playing

Best Part Of The Fire Truck

It comes built as a huge fire station that has a lot of important details for the children. There 15 different accessories in the set with their amazing functions. Kids will love using each fire engine toy and showing off this gift to their friends.

5. Best Building Toy Fire Truck: LEGO City Fire Ladder Truck 60107

All children love building interesting things from scratch. Imagine if they got the chance to build a cool fire truck toy that could put out even the biggest fire? This Lego firefighter toy for toddlers is a creative way to get your children interested in building. It helps little ones start from scratch so that they can create something new to play with. There are a lot of accessories in this set that kids can use while on their firefighting mission. To keep them company there are also two characters in the fire engine toy set which makes things so much better. Having these characters and the ability to build a fire truck toy makes this a worthwhile set for kids.


  • It has an extending ladder that can spin in all directions for better reach
  • There is a pull-out fire hose which is exciting to use
  • There are two firefighters in this playing set
  • You will find are many accessories in the set like a shovel, fire extinguisher, water studs, and an ax
  • It is a very sturdy fire fighting toy for kids that does not come apart even when it falls


  • When rotating the ladder it may come loose from the base

Best Part Of The Fire Engine Toy

Children can build all the parts of this fire fighting toy themselves.  This will give them a true sense of accomplishment and make playtime a very interesting and unique time.

This fire truck toy for toddlers introduces them to building very early on. Similar to it, there are a lot of cool building toys for children of all ages. Building toys are a great way for children to improve their motor coordination, their creativity, and even learn about physics. Get your child started on the best learning track with the Best Building Toys For Kids. It is the most fun way to learn and grow.

6. Best Ride-On Fire Fighting Toy For Toddlers: SKYTEAM Action Fire Engine Ride-On

Give your child the experience of being an actual firefighter and riding in the best fire truck possible. This wonderful ride-on and fire fighting toy for kids have amazing controls and unique tools to use. There is a control stick that children can use to extend and move around the ladder. It squirts water which is so fun for little ones to see and will make them feel like they are putting out a fire. The lights and sounds made by the toy are very realistic which adds to its amazing look. Above all, this fire truck toy for kids is battery-operated and can last a long time. Watch them handle this ride-one fire truck and improve their coordination and motor skills so fast.


  • Children can ride on this amazing fire truck toy to some fire fighting missions
  • It has a water-squirting hose that uses real water
  • There are many blinking lights and siren sounds that the ride-on toy makes
  • It is sturdy and can be used on most surfaces


  • Sometimes the controls may be difficult for a younger child to operate easily

Best Part Of The Fire Truck

It has realistic controls that are operated by the child. It also squirts real water at short distances and can be used by children to pretend that they are putting out a fire.

The riding fire engine toy gives children a sense of independence and helps them to take playtime wherever they go. This toy may be difficult for younger children to use but there are a lot of amazing riding toys for kids as young as 1-year old. These amazing vehicles help them to move around, increase their coordination skills, and also give them a sense of control. Getting one of the Top Riding Toys For 1-Year Olds will be the best toy that you invest in for your child.

7. Best Fire Truck For Toddler Group Play: 19 in 1 Fire Truck with Firefighter Toy Set

If you are looking for a fire truck toy set then this is the best one that you will find. It comes with 10 miniature fire trucks, 9 amazing firemen, and a lot of cool accessories. Children will enjoy playing with each colorful fire truck toy and there is no limit to their imagination with them in hand. It is a great firefighter toy for toddlers since it promotes sharing and group play. Children can pick their favorite fire engine toys and make them race against each other as well. Each of the toys is small enough to fit in a pocket which makes them easy to carry around so that kids can play anywhere. They also move smoothly which makes them great for indoor and outdoor racing games.


  • There are 10 mini fire truck toys in this set
  • It has 9 well-designed firemen to be played with
  • Accessories include a rescue helicopter, an ambulance, a lifting truck, a minivan, and a tanker
  • The toys are made with non-toxic material so that it is perfectly safe for the little one


  • There is no storage container for the fire engine toys

Best Part Of The Fire Truck Toy

This set comes with the most miniature fire trucks. This means that your child can play with their friends and even learn how to share the toys.

8. Best Interactive Firefighter Toy For Toddlers:  iPlay, iLearn Fire Truck Play Set

This is the most interactive fire truck toy for kids to play with. It has so many cool and handy accessories like fire pumps, a hydrant, different barricades, and safety cones. These add an extra level to the games that children can play with their fire trucks. Little ones will never get tired of using each toy and acting out different imaginative scenes. They will also learn a lot about road safety and traffic awareness through this interactive playtime. Since this firefighter toy for kids is built to be durable it can withstand many falls and a lot of rough play.


  • It comes with a working crane, an extending ladder, and a turbojet truck
  • There are a lot of cool accessories like fire pumps, hydrants, barricades, and some safety cones
  • The toy is sturdy and well-made which enhances the playtime
  • A storage box comes in handy for all the parts of the set


  • The small parts in this toy may be a choking hazard for little children

Best Part Of The Fire Truck

The accessories that come with this fire engine toy help to provide an added level of excitement for the children. It makes the fire fighting scene more real for them.

9. Best Realistic Fire Truck Toy For Toddlers:  JOYIN 3 in 1 Friction Powered City Fire Rescue Vehicle

This fire truck rescue toy for kids comes with three exciting vehicles. The first one is an ambulance that looks extremely realistic and makes a lot of interesting sounds. The fire engine toy has an amazing kinetic motor and a water hose that shoots real water. Children will be overjoyed to move it around and protect people from a scary fire. Lastly, the helicopter comes equipped with a basket and a hanger so that more firefighters can be brought in to the rescue scene. All of these incredibly designed aspects make the toy set much more realistic for the kid. They will have some amazing playtime moments once you get this fire truck toy for them.


  • It comes with an ambulance, a fire engine that has a water hose, and a cool helicopter
  • Each of the toys has multiple functions like flashing lights and loud sirens that play when they move
  • The products are made with non-toxic materials that are also very durable


  • The trucks make very loud sounds when they are played with which can disturb parents

Best Part Of The Fire Truck

This firefighter toy for toddlers has three wonderful vehicles that children play and interact with. Each vehicle toy is so realistically built that your kids will be excited to get their hands on them.

10. Best Remote Control Fire Truck:   DEERC Remote Control Take Apart Toys

Get your children started with a cool remote control fire engine toy. This wonderful action toy is great to teach children about the finer points of engineering and construction. It comes with a wonderful child-friendly hand drill that also works very smoothly. Your young children will easily be able to use it without needing instructions since it is built so intuitively. Along with it, there are 2 action figures to play with so that kids are encouraged to keep imagining new things. The creative and building elements of this toy add a new level of play to an already wonderful fire truck set for kids.


  • It is made with environmentally-friendly material
  • The toy drill can be rotated clockwise or counterclockwise
  • It comes with two cool firefighter action figures
  • It is very easy to install the fire truck toy for kids and they can even do it themselves
  • It makes very realistic truck sounds


  • Children can only play with this toy for half an hour at a time after which it requires some recharging.

Best Part Of The Fire Engine Toy

It comes with a child-friendly hand drill that is very easy for young children to use. They will learn how to grasp and use it almost instantly.

Now that you know about the best fire truck toys for kids you can choose to gift them one of these amazing sets. It is the best way to keep them off their electronic gadget and get them more interested in manual playtime. There are a lot of benefits that play provides for your children’s overall growth and development. One of the most interesting toys for their overall development comes from playing with spy gear. Spy gear for kids is the newest and best-selling toy that directly works to make your children more curious and knowledgeable. Why don’t you see it’s magic for yourself by checking out this list of the Best Spy Gear For Kids.

Best Fire Truck Toy FAQs

Do the fire trucks come with lights and sirens?

All the fire engine toys on this list come with flashing lights and some interesting siren sounds. They are designed well so that each toy provides a realistic sound when played with.

Are there fire truck ride-on?

The SKYTEAM Action Fire Engine Ride-On is the best fire engine toy ride-on. It is great for young children and will be an amazing addition to their playtime.

Which is the best fire truck for a 4-year old?

In this list, you will find a lot of fire trucks that are suitable for 4-year olds. The Chicken Toys Fire Truck with playing mat is the best for toddler learning and development.

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