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Best Beach Toys for Children - Top 9 Beach Games for Kids

Best Beach Toys for Children - Top 9 Beach Games for Kids

. 14 min read

Do you visit the beach with your family often? Do you have young kids? Planning a vacation to relax by the coast and sip on a margarita while your kids play around in the sand and water? You would most definitely need to get your little ones a couple of beach toys to keep them busy. Most of them are priced within an extremely reasonable range. You can look for some beach equipment that calls for physical activity, you can opt for something that requires creativity and includes the usage of wet sand. Or you can opt for beach toys to create sandcastles and other fun structures for kids.

The fact that your children are yet young and open to any sort of beach entertainment, makes it easier for you to choose a gift. The coolest part about beach toys is their availability in dozens of sizes and shapes. Whether your child is a toddler or above the age of 11, you can definitely find something worthy. While the youngsters are frolicking around, you as an adult, can sit back and soak in the calmness you came looking for. Besides, you do not want your children to be napping on the beach all day long. Looking for beach games that children and adults can use? You will find plenty of them here.

Fancy designed towels with cartoon characters and vibrant umbrellas can be an addition to the entertainment package you are making for the kids. Just make sure the toys you choose cannot harm your little one in any way. Choose from cool beach toys like water guns, catching toys, hula-hoops, etc. We believe that each kid deserves to make the most of the vast open space that beaches provide. Thus, we have curated a list of 9 of the best beach toys that are sure to bring your kid to the beach time and again.

1. SINGARE Large Octopus Beach Toy Kites for Kids

Looking to add some fun activities for your little kid while chilling on the beach? These stylish red and blue kites are shaped like octopuses. The color combination proves to be a common attractive choice for most children. To make it even more realistic for kids, each kite has a set of eyes on the face of the octopus and dangling tails at the back. The extreme lightweight design makes it a realistic candidate for the best beach toys for kids. Zero need for setting up and annoying lessons to master the art of flying. Simply get it out of your bag and your kid can feel confident flying it with minimal help.

The lining has a thread that extends up to 200 inches. Get competitive with your kids and see who can fly their kites further and higher. What is better than running by the coastline on the sand along with your child? Laugh, play, and build beach memories of a lifetime.


  • Super easy to control – offering a smooth flying experience
  • Easy to transport and pack – unpack and instantly begin flying
  • Attractive octopus design – also comes with storage bags to prevent damage
  • Available in sets of red and green or red and blue
  • 200 inches of lining make it just perfect for children


  • Untangling the threading can be a hassle in windy conditions
  • Few users claim that it begins to get spoilt after a dozen uses

Why is this beach toy a good option?

The ease-of-use control that the kite offers makes it a great way to improve your kid’s self-confidence, which is good for self-development.

2. Dry Branch Sports Design Catch Release Beach Aquarium Kit Beach Toy

The catch and release beach aquarium kit ranks amongst the few top options for the best beach toys. Who said beach day is all about playing ball, taking dips, and relaxing under your umbrella? This beach equipment for kids is like an educational toy that allows your child to be more in sync with the tiny fishes, seashells, snails and fancy pearls found by the shore. Now each time you go to the beach, expect to watch your curious child search for something in the sand and by the waves.

The creators have ensured that the tiny sea creatures collected can be released or stored safely due to the water-holding capability of this bowl. Your kid will not only begin to learn more about nature and appreciate it but also take part in the humane act of releasing the sea creature back into the ocean. What harm is it including a few marine life lessons while on the beach? Let your little one observe, learn and get familiar with either the shore dwellers or the water dwellers.


  • Meshed lid is perfect to capture underwater sea creatures
  • Open-end top provides entrance of oxygen for the land-dwellers
  • Handle is attached to lid for convenient carrying by your child
  • Unique option as it promotes curiosity that eventually leads to a learning experience
  • Catch and release aquarium makes it an environment-friendly option


  • Lid can be unstable and may not be secure at all times
  • Leaving it in the sun can lead to major deformation of the aquarium
  • Stones, pebbles and sharp shells can easily scratch the toy

Why is this beach toy a good option?

Irrespective of your child’s age, it builds a certain respect for nature and also promotes an educational purpose of usage.

If you are looking for some creative toys for kids, then check our collection of the coolest building toys and games for children.

3. Best Beach Toy: Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Flex Octopus Folding Beach Chair

Mellissa & Doug have made innovative, creative and the highest quality toys consistently for over 3 decades. They not only have gaming options for kids of all ages but they focus primarily on making each product a fun and learning experience. This foldable chair is themed somewhat like the cartoon character, Oswald. The big green eyes and the cute feet of the octopus make it a cheerful and catchy option, thus making it an ideal beach toy for toddlers. For greater comfort and safety of your child, this baby chair has 6 arms that allow your kid to sit comfortably and settle right into the chair.

Keep some refreshments for your child in the cup holder pocket on the right arm stand. Even the storage bag for this chair has a matching design, making it an all-time exciting choice for your kid. Guess what? The feet are well padded to make it suitable even for indoor usage. Seems like you just found your child a new best friend!


  • High-quality durable fabric to ensure minimum wear and tear
  • Foldable and extremely easy to transport – whether by hand or in your luggage
  • Metallic frame has been tested for sturdiness and easily takes a child’s weight
  • Visual vibrant animation design is done keeping in mind the tender age of kids
  • Suitable for kids ranging from 3 years old to 12 years old


  • Hard to remove unpleasant strong chemical smell upon arrival
  • Leaving it in the open for days can reduce the fabric strength
  • Kids with long legs will find it uncomfortable

Why is this beach toy a good option?

The design and metallic frames make it a great beach toy for brothers and sisters to share – provided they are under the age of 12.

4. Best Beach Toy for Kids: Sand Castle Building Kit Beach Buckets and Molds

Here is the classic go-to beach toy for young boys and girls. Making several sandcastles with unique structures has always been the best way for children to pass time and enjoy on the beach. This product comes with 4 beach pail buckers in blue, yellow, green, and pink color. Your child can load up the structure with sand and built attractive 8-inch tall sandcastles within a few minutes. The internal structure of these plastic castles has been designed to give out a perfectly symmetric shape for your kids to be proud of.

Spending summer vacation on the beach with family just got a whole lot better. These hard-plastic castle structures can also be used to carry water and other fun beach toys. Spark a sense of creativity within your toddler by praising their beautifully crafted sandcastles. Those days of struggling to create the perfect sandcastle by using cups and glasses are now long gone!


  • All 4 castle structures have an attached handle for easily moving it on the beach
  • Usable as a beach bucket or as a castle structure creator
  • Structure is designed to build castles up to 8 inches in length
  • Beautifully designed castle to allow your child to make the perfect sandcastle
  • Multipurpose beach pails for kids of all age groups


  • All 4 structures have the exact same design – only the color varies
  • Bucket handles can snap often

Why is this beach toy a good option?

This product gives you the ability the carry 4 sandcastles, all of different colors, that fit into each together. Making it compact and perfect for kids who love creating sandcastles.

5. Best Beach Toy for Children: Melissa & Doug Spark Shark Toss & Catch

Are you looking for unique beach toys that have an attractive design along with good usage purposes for children? This toss and catch beach ball game should provide you both the aspects. The toy comes with a fancy racket structure that takes the shape of a shark. Firstly, two cute oval-shaped eyes are on the upper end of the racket and the handle is like the blue tail of a shark. Secondly, this game demands physical activity to be enjoyed at its best. Your young children can play it just by the shoreline and challenge themselves to catch the ball with the shark net.

Beach games that demand movement from kids are great to enhance their hand-eye coordination, focus, and motor skills. If you are too tired to play with your kid then he/she can even practice their aiming and catching skills by themselves. Melissa & Doug has used fade-resistant materials to restrict the negative effects of prolonged heat and chlorine.


  • Plastic frame is highly durable and can easily survive falls
  • Netting on the shark-themed racket has been made using high-quality polyester
  • Playing in the sand enhances hand-eye coordination and interpersonal skills
  • Can be used at pool parties, in your garden, on the beach and even in parks
  • Creativity sparking shark design for kids


  • Net needs to be loosened to easily catch the ball
  • Ball is too light to be thrown in even in mild wind

Why is this beach toy a good option?

You get both the traits for a beach game that your child will love – the sea creature design and the running and jumping involved.

Is your family into fitness and do you guys enjoy beach jogs? How about checking out a few double jogging strollers for kids?

6. Hape Mighty Sand Shovel Cool Beach Toy

Remember how fascinating it was for us to dig through the sand in the hope of finding something cool? That is just actually how your kids feel about digging through sand. If your naughty kids tend to use their hands to do digging on the beach then this 15.7-inch shovel may just be the best beach toy you could get them. The Hape Mighty Sand Shovel is not only one of the best sand toys for kids due to the exercise it provides to your kid’s arms, but also because of its child-safe construction and material used.

The green color gives a vibrant look and your toddler would be busy digging his way through the sand. Quality materials ensure that this stays in the list of beach toys your kid owns for a long time. Do not visit the beach too often? No stress. Kids can also have a jolly time with the shovel in your backyard or in parks.


  • 15.7 inches in length makes it easy to use for kids of all ages
  • Shovel has been made using durable HDPE and ABS plastics
  • Material is made of non-toxic elements to ensure child safety
  • Durable construction erases the chances of breakage
  • Kids also exercise while being entertained on the beach


  • Can be very small for kids who have grown in size
  • Dirt stains are hard to wash off

Why is this beach toy a good option?

The sturdiness that this shovel provides makes it usable for kids to even dig through mud.

7. COOP Hydro Lacrosse Beach Game Set for Kids (Beast Beach Toy 2020)

COOP has designed a high-quality lacrosse kit that can be a great beach toy for your kid, considering that he is only going to grow older.  Toy creators understand that the equipment needs to be comfortable to hold and navigate for children. For this reason, the hands are made of a thick and durable layer of foam. The nets of these rackets have been made such as scooping, catching and throwing the ball can be done easily, irrespective of the youngster’s age.

You can choose between the 3 classic colors that you will find on almost all beach game toy sets – red, blue, and green. Standing by the shore and playing a game of beach lacrosse during sunset will be an etched memory in your family photo albums. So what if your child is really young? There is no better way of learning a sport than on the beach!


  • Racket handles are coated with a layer of foam for ease-of-use for children
  • Plastic frame of the racket head stays in good shape for long-term usage
  • Physically activity along with matching colorful rackets and balls
  • Compact beach toy – easily fits in a suitcase


  • Rackets get heavier when the foam gets wet
  • Rough usage can deform and break the plastic handles

Why is this beach toy a good option?

Each set of this lacrosse beach game comes with a set of 2 rackets. If you have two kids then this may just be the 2-in-1 opportunity for you.

8. 3 Large Dinosaur Sand Molds - Dinosaur Fossil Skeleton Beach Toy Set

Do you know how LEGO uses the brilliant concept of building structures with multiple pieces? The Dinosaur Fossil Skeleton beach mold is similar in most aspects, the only difference being it leaves an imprint of the final piece on the sand. This set of dinosaur molds along with some sandcastles would be a combination of the best sand toys. The pieces are big enough and are made of hard plastic to allow your child to easily make either a Stegosaurus, Tyrannosaurus, or Triceratops dinosaur in blue, red and yellow colors respectively. Has your kid been a fan of Jurassic park? You just found the most fun beach toy that takes your kid to the world of dinosaurs and castles, while he sits by the water.

This 23-piece set can be used in a sandbox or just by the shoreline. Due to the solid structure, even if a wave gushes over the sand imprint, the design would yet stay visible on the sand. Carving has been done beautifully on the dinosaurs to ensure your child is mesmerized by its looks.


  • 23 pieces in 3 colors that can make 3 types of dinosaurs
  • Pieces are made of hard plastic to give out a perfect imprint on the sand
  • Easy to play with – requires no setting up and no packing
  • Comes with a meshed bag so that the presence of colorful pieces attracts children
  • Gives added life to sandcastles and inspires creative sparks within children


  • The pieces are not as large as they claim to be – much smaller
  • Often only 2 Triceratops and 1 Stegosaurus is delivered

Why is this beach toy a good option?

Considering it to be q small-sized LEGO toy made for beach and sand usage makes it a perfect option for an entertaining and thought-provoking beach mold for kids.

9. Fin Fun Shark Fin Kids Beach Wear for Swimming with Monofin

Do your kids like to swim? Do they have a fascination with mermaids? This monofin costume is an extremely beautiful, safe, and comfortable beachwear that can either be worn for the unique looks or for a fun water game. The tail of this fin fun shark product has been patented due to its built-in armor to safeguard kids from injuries. In fact, the tail tip has a 90-day guarantee, giving you an indication of the high-quality material. Sizes are available for kids of all ages and the fin adds great power to glide through the water.

The added monofin is made of indestructible polypropylene and easily takes the shape of the kid while bending and flexing in the water. This product has been designed with a neoprene cover for easy movement. How cool is a mermaid beachwear with a patented tail tip technology and patented monofin for your little one? You can be sure to gift your kid one of the most unique beach toys amongst all the kids on the beach.


  • Swimsuit fabric made of fade-resistant material - withstands sun, saltwater & chlorine
  • Dive-grade Neoprene coating on the exteriors for smooth movement in the water
  • Tail tip technology has been patented with extra protection for fabric tips
  • The quick-release method to wear or remove the fin makes it easy for children
  • Polypropylene monofins take the shape of the child’s lower body and fit perfectly


  • Holes can form if left in salty water for days
  • The only option to fix holes near the tail is by using tape

Why is this beach toy a good option?

It can be an attractive swimwear to motivate your child to jump in the water and you can also get some super cute memories for your photo albums.

Buying Guide: Best Beach Toys and Games for Children

A beach toy is not something that your child would use regularly. Only those lucky ‘beach days’ call for playing with such toys. This means you should consider your choice as a long-term option. Factors such as durability, the weight of the toy, educational value, cleanliness options, etc. must be considered to support you in making a perfect choice. These key features of beach toys should be your deciding factors:

Educational Value – If you want to your kid pursue academics in alternative ways then toys are the best way to do so. Something of the sorts of a sandcastle maker or a catch and release aquarium are the best choices in terms of educational value. They not only inspire creativity, but the curiosity to learn and discover more helps the child’s mental growth and creative juices begin to flow. The amount of space and attractive things to do on a beach make it the perfect place for kids to learn a new skill.

Gender Neutrality – Let us put an end to the debate of gender-neutral beach toys over here! We are in a progressive world that produces millions of gender-neutral beach toys. Get your kid a beach game that can be played by both, girls and boys. You can choose red, green or blue colored beach toys as they are favorites of all kids. When your child has a toy that allows others to join in too, then you are giving him a lesson on togetherness.

You may want to check out some activity center toy sets for babies to take along on your family beach day.

Cleanliness – Playing in the sand or beach water with a toy can pass on ample of germs. The product must be manufactured with materials that can withstand cleanings agents, with absolutely zero wear and tear. Many beach toys face the issue of discoloration and weak plastic due to being left in saltwater or sand for a long time. Verify the materials used and double-check whether it makes sense to buy it as a beach toy or more of an indoor toy.


You now have options for beach toys for babies, toddlers, and kids. Creativity and enhanced physical activity are two great habits you can share with your child by choosing the right option. Eventually, you know your kid better than anyone else. Also, if you want to make things more exciting, you can choose one of these tents for your child and plant it on the beach.

When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. This keeps it 100% reader supported and free of ads or sponsorships. Thanks for your support!