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Top 10 Best Activity Centers For Babies to Buy in 2020

Top 10 Best Activity Centers For Babies to Buy in 2020

. 13 min read

Is your baby very energetic? Do they love to explore new things and fiddle with everything? Is your infant in need of constant attention? If you said yes to even one of these then an activity center for babies is the best thing for you! The best activity centers for babies are the ones that keep them occupied, help their brain to develop, keep them safe, and have tons of exciting features. You will find loads of options with wonderful themes, colors, qualities, toys, and much more. Luckily for you, they also come with age-appropriate activities that increase the brain capacity of your babies and help them to keep developing.

For you as well having a wonderful baby activities center will give you the much needed quiet time that you deserve. Your infant will be occupied for hours with this toy and you won't have to be standing around constantly wondering what trouble they've got into next.

We know that you have so many awesome and exciting play centers for babies to pick from. That is why we have decided to simplify things and list the 10 Best Activity Centers You Will Ever Find.

1. Most Engaging Play Centre For Babies: Infantino 3-in-1 Grow With Me Activity Gym and Ball Pit

Take your baby on a tour of the magical sea with this beautiful floor activity center for babies. It also has an exciting Ball pit in the shape of a turtle. It comes with 4 sea pals that your little one won't be able to stop playing with it. Forget swimming in the ocean why not fill the ball pit with the 40 colorful balls provided and watch them play and have the time of their life. Not only that they can roll around or jump as much as they want in the safety of the pip-up mesh sides. Its colorful surroundings, overhead fascinating toys, safe mesh net, and the fantastic ball pit make for a rocking activity center for infants.


  • Even infants from 0 months and above can use this babies entertainment center
  • The 40 colorful balls can be used in the ball pit and then stored in the turtle's head
  • It comes with 4 sea-themed toys and 5 activity toys to play with
  • A mesh net protects the child from getting hurt
  • The BPA-free teether comes with this activity center too
  • No batteries are required to be able to use this
  • Assembly of this play center for babies is quite easy
  • The poles of the activity gym are colored in high contrast black and white which many children respond to


  • It cannot be cleaned in the dishwasher
  • It is not easy to travel with but comes with a carry case
  • It takes a lot of effort to restock the balls in the turtle's head each time
  • It can be a bit small for older infants
  • The ball pit might collapse easily since the poles are made of foam

The Best Part About This Activity Centre For Babies

This baby’s stationary activity center is very interesting due to its ability to be changed into a ball pit. Little ones like the feeling of playing with the colorful balls and moving about in there.

2. Best Baby Activities Centre For New-Borns: Fisher-Price 3-in-1 Sit-to-Stand Activity Centre

Each growing infant has different needs at different stages. Keeping this in mind Fisher Price came up with the best solution! The 3-in-1 Sit-to-Stand has 3 different ways to play as the little one grows. You'll find a new-born play mat which is extremely safe and comfortable for them. The infant activity seat comes with a cool musical alligator, and keys that play notes as well as light up. The toddler table is also fantastic and contains age-appropriate toys for their curious developing minds.

It is a very useful toy for parents who don't wish to keep throwing their old baby toys in the trash as their infant grows up. This baby entertainment center grows with the baby as it sits, stands, and interacts with the environment. Filled with colorful lights, engaging sounds, ramp activities, and a spinning seat it is the most fun activity center for young kids of all ages.


  • It has 3 adjustable height positions for new-borns, infants, and toddlers
  • The seat spins 360 degrees so that the child can play with all the toys and the ramp
  • It is easy to wash in the machine, and the seat pad can be removed easily
  • Contains toys like the giraffe rattle, zebra, lion, elephant bead bar, bee teether and more
  • It has a soft play mat, musical alligator, lights, and playful sounds
  • No batteries are required to be used with it
  • It is lightweight and easy to move around when needed


  • The height positions are only adjustable by a few inches so it might not be enough for taller infants

The Best Part About The Baby Play Station

The most useful part of this Fisher-Price activity center is its ability to adapt to the needs of babies at three different stages of growing up. It is also great that it comes with the most age-appropriate toys.

3. Best Activity Centre For Small Spaces: Bright Starts 3-in-1 Around We Go Activity Centre

Get a good start for your infant with the Bright Starts Activity Centre 3-in-1. It has a Sit to Stand walker and with it a rotating feature that allows the baby to get an all-round experience. This baby walker activity center takes the little one through their first steps in a safe zone and gives them the freedom to explore their surroundings easily. As the toddler gets more confident and comfortable the walker seat can easily be removed as well. Parents will love the freedom given by this activity Centre for infants and the little ones will surely make the most of it.


  • It has a Sit to Stand walker so that the baby can walk in a safe and protected environment
  • The walker can easily rotate around the activities center for toddlers so that they can play with everything surrounding them
  • Fun toys and activities include a piano that makes silly sounds, music, and melodies
  • It also has a ladybug roller, lion popper, and 2 toy bars
  • Height adjustments allow the baby to use this activity center for a very long time
  • The walker comes with wheels that can be used on all kinds of surfaces without any worry


  • It requires batteries for proper usage

The Best Part About This Activity Centre Walker For Babies

This product is wonderful because it helps the young child walk with more confidence and keep them protected as well. Parents won’t have to worry about constantly supervising the children due to the efficiency of this amazing Activity Centre.

4. Best Activity Centre Play Mat: Baby Einstein Caterpillar And Friends Play Gym

This activity gym is a superb way to get your little one interested and entertained. It comes with lovely little plush playtime pals that can be detached and played with while lying down or sitting. The comfortable activity mat allows the infant to relax or to play on their back or tummy. When the baby is fussy, the 8 classical melodies can be played to cheer them up and encourage learning. You will love the colors, light effects, and the adorable features of this children’s activity center.


  • It has playtime pals that can be removed when the baby wants to play with any of them
  • Music is played for the baby and there are 8 classical melody tracks available
  • The mat can be washed and cleaned simply
  • The star lights up and can be removed for the baby to enjoy


  • It requires batteries to be used
  • The star lights up and plays music only when it is touched by the baby or a parent

The Best Part About The Baby Activity Centre

This play gym comes with colorful musical toys and a bright interactive star that the baby will adore.

5. Best Musical Infant Activity Centre: Skip Hop Explore 3-Stage Interactive Activity Centre

The Activity Centre toy for babies offers your child a fun-filled learning experience that keeps them occupied for a while. The Skip Hop Explore entertainment center gives them a chance to do this right from 4 months of age to their toddler-hood. It has age-appropriate moveable toys for each age like squeaky clouds, wobbling lamps, swaying stars, and much more. With a 360 degree rotation, the baby can explore everything around like the perfect piano or their feet through the discovery window. As the infant grows you can efficiently swap the baby activity jumper to a sturdier table that a toddler can use to color, draw or play with their toys.


  • It can be used as an activity center for 4-month-old right up till they are older and more capable
  • 4 interactive toys come with toy attachment clips so that they can be placed anywhere
  • It has a discovery window where the child can see their feet while playing the toy piano
  • A 360-degree spinner gives the baby a fun ride
  • Its assembly is quick and easy
  • The musical aspects include the light-up piano, peek-a-boo owl that hoots, and a song mode
  • The foot support platform can be adjusted to any height based on the child’s development


  • It requires batteries that just last for 2 hours
  • It is not easy to transfer and carry to other places
  • The motion sensor owl toy can hurt the child with its sudden movement
  • The base straps are not stretchy enough for the baby to be able to jump up and down

The Best Part About The Babies Play Centre

This interactive activity center is very useful since it grows with your baby and fulfills their needs at each developmental stage. It also has wonderful musical features like the light-up piano, song mode, and a motion-sensor owl that hoots.

6. Best Baby Bounce Activity Centre: Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo

Sheltered in this beautiful rainforest-themed activity center, your little one will be entertained with exciting lights, sounds, and lovely animal toys. The musical reward feature plays after the child using the bouncing activity center. Like other wonderful activity centers, it has a 360-degree spin feature and 3 useful adjusting height positions. Parents will love how soft and comfortable this is for the baby. Plus it can be cleaned easily in the machine and comes with a durable frame.


  • When using the baby bounce activity center, rewarding music plays. There is also an electronic toy at the front that can be activated by a motion sensor
  • Toys included are the peek-a-boo tiger, bat-at monkey, rattle lizard, bobble elephant, and a couple more
  • It can rotate 360 degrees and be adjusted to 3 heights for babies, infants, and toddlers
  • Lights, sounds, and music is played to help the baby to learn and have fun
  • The infant activity seat pad is easy to wash in the machine
  • It is quick to take down and fold when necessary


  • It needs 3 AA batteries to be able to function
  • It is not easily portable
  • Some of the toys attached above are hard to reach by younger children

The Best Part About The Jumping Activity Centre For Babies

This Fisher-Price activity center is all about interaction and teaching your child about cause and effect. It has musical reward motion sensors encouraging the baby to jump or bounce. Reaching for the overhead toys also helps them to strengthen their muscles.

7. Best Portable Activity Centre For Baby: Summer Pop N' Jump Portable Activity Centre

A fantastic activity center for infants does not only come with great features, but it is also portable so that you can set it up just about anywhere. The Summer Pop n Jump is a lightweight activity center that can be assembled and unfolded in seconds! It comes with a spinner ball, teether, a mirror book, and a rattle too. The baby can play with these lovely toys in their best baby jumper activity center, all while being protected by a convenient UV canopy. When done with playtime this portable activity center can be stored in the compact travel bag provided. So, parents, set up a colorful playtime center for your baby wherever you go!


  • It comes with a travel bag and it is easily portable
  • The frame can be adjusted with 3-levels for different heights during the baby’s development
  • It comes with many interactive and fun toys
  • The UV canopy protects the little one from harmful sun rays
  • No batteries are required for this easy-to-use activity center
  • It is as springy and jumpy as a Jumparoo can be
  • The activity center is washable


  • It is not useful for new-born babies since the age range is from 6-12 months

The Best Part About The Baby Play Centers

One of the biggest reasons why you will love this simple activity center is that for its price range it provides you with a lot. It is portable, springy, and easy to use.

8. Most Easy To Use Activity Centre For Babies: Infantino 2-In-1 Sit, Spin And Stand Baby Activity Table

Allow your little one to sit, stand, or spin around with this baby entertainer. It is a play center that can be transformed into a baby standing activity center or a play table for kids of different ages. You will find that it has 6 wonderful toys, lighting up buttons, musical effects playing, and a lovely tabletop scene. It is a great product since it can be used when the child is just 4 months old right up till the age of 5 when they can walk and sit up without help. Just wait and watch to see just how wonderful this activity center can be for the infant.


  • It comes with 3 animal pals, 6 toys, glowing lights, and playful music
  • It has 3 adjustable height settings and the baby's activity center can be changed to a standing area for the use of toddlers
  • It is quite compact and can be folded flat when it is not being used
  • It has a 360-degree spin feature as well


  • It requires 3AAA batteries and the battery life is just about 36 hours

The Best Part About The Infant Activity Centre

This Infantino activity center gives your baby the most interactive experience from 4 months to 5years of age. It is a great investment for parents that will last them quite a long time.

9. Most Compact Infant Activity Centre: Oribel PortaPlay 4-in-1 Foldable Travel Baby Activity Centre

A bouncing baby is truly a happy baby! So why not check out the Oribel PortaPlay Activity Centre for some jumping bouncing entertainment. It is truly a fun product that can be turned into a turning, springing, and playing center of the fun.  It has a 360 spin features that allow the children to explore all parts of the entertainment center without losing out on anything important. As the child grows up, it can be converted into a playing table to engage their creative muscles and make them more independent. Parents will also love the ease with which this activity center for children folds up and can be stored just about anywhere.


  • It comes with a 360-degree spin so that the infant can explore all parts of it
  • Elastic bands in the seat pad allow the baby to bounce freely and happily
  • It is easy to fold and store this awesome activity center
  • It can be used at different stages of development since there are 3 height settings and the activity center can be converted into a table
  • It comes with ample toys for the kid to play with
  • No batteries are needed to be able to use it
  • The seat can be removed easily and washed when needed


  • Some of the toys may be hard for younger children to use and grasp
  • It allows the child to bounce very little

The Best Part About The Baby Activities Centre

The Oribel PortaPlay has a slightly higher price range but it comes with toys and features that suit a growing child very well. It also gives the excited child a bigger range of motion to be able to reach out and touch or interact with everything around.

10. Most Interactive Activity Centre For Babies: Evenflo Exersaucer Triple Fun Active Learning Centre

Why have just a little fun when you can have triple the fun with the EvenFlo Exersaucer? It is a triple threat activity play center for babies because of the amazing features that it comes with. For babies there is an interactive floor mat, infants can enjoy the exciting exersaucer, and toddlers will just love the awesome activity table. They will not be able to get enough of this superb jungle theme. Also, the soft little animal toys on all sides will keep them quite entertained. A 360-degree rotating seat ensures that they make use of every bit that the activity center has to offer and that they never miss a thing. Luckily this handy child activity center can also be folded quickly and transported to wherever you want to take the baby next.


  • The Triple Fun Active Learning Centre can be folded flat for quick and easy storage
  • It has 11 toys and animal pals that play music and promote learning through play
  • It has a 360-degree spin and it can jump for the baby, bounce, and spin however the little one moves
  • It looks after 3 stages of the child's growth with its three interchangeable features
  • There is a volume control for the music so that parents are not disturbed when it is played


  • The infant play mat does not have many features and it has quite a simple design
  • It is tougher to assemble this activity center than compared to others
  • The seat is not padded well and can get uncomfortable after a while
  • It requires 9 AAA batteries
  • It is not safe for the dishwasher

The Best Part About The Play Centre For Babies

This activity center comes with a lot of awesome toys that your baby will love. It provides engagement right from the start-up until when your little one is a toddler. You are going to love its efficiency.

Now that you know all about the 10 Best activity centers for babies you are well equipped with the knowledge to select the best for your child. Within just a short time you will notice the difference that a safe, interactive, fun, exciting, and efficient play center for babies makes in their life. So get your baby started on the right path with a baby activities center.

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