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I'm Brenna. I was born and raised on Long Island, New York, but I only have an accent when I'm drunk or angry; if I'm both you might not understand a single word out of my mouth. My husband Steve is from Jersey. He says crayons funny.

After ten years in the city, Steve and I packed up our sweet little condo and two small dogs and moved to the New England suburbs, where we relish all twenty minutes of summer. Because we weren't planning on kids, we adopted a third dog, and four months later I was pregnant — of course. After nine panic-stricken months, Anna arrived. She is my very favorite person in the world and the source of 90% of the material on this blog.

When I'm not writing hilarious parenting anecdotes, I work full-time as a web designer, part-time as a photographer, and Nickelodeon's actually pays me to write satire. I also find time to help Steve and the day care teachers love, raise, and nourish my threefourfive-year-old daughter.

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Photos used in the header of this blog are ©Channing Johnson, an incredible talent for hire. Headshot was taken by my husband, Steve, after much badgering. This blog is run completely independently of the oversight, views and opinions of, and is in no way affiliated with my employer.

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