Suburban Snapshots

My Whole Neighborhood Is In This Parody

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

For months Steve and I have been trying to figure out the balance between letting Anna use the iPad and give us peace and quiet, and having her do more interactive things, like reading and giving us peace and quiet. She watches a lot of Nerdy Nummies and pop videos because her dad never makes her turn off pretty girls she loves to cook and dance, and Katy Perry's art direction is every first-grade girl's dream.

The week she decided to play "This is How We Do" on perpetual repeat, just before I snapped I realized how perfectly suited it was for a parody.

It took me three weeks and several friends to make it happen, and honestly you guys, I don't even know if it's funny. I've watched this so often and listened to the song so much that I dream in day-glo bubblegum Candy Land. SEE WHAT I MEAN?

Thanks to Allison Hart for her consult on the kitchen scene.

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