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Why We Had Paparazzi on the First Day of School

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

I started thinking about the first day of kindergarten back in, oh, February? March? I knew there'd be reams of paperwork to fill out but no bus to catch, and I knew I wanted to document the milestone using my professional camera for a change.

But I needed to pay attention to what was happening, too. To help Anna get ready, to pack her lunch, to look forward while walking instead of tripping over other kids with my camera stuck to my face. I also wanted to actually be in a few of the shots. So I asked my friend Channing if I could hire him to shoot our morning, and immediately imagined Internet trolls writing entire articles about how I am everything that's wrong with parents of only children. (I'm over it.)

Channing came to our house for the third time in as many years. He brought two cameras and immeasurable talent, and in his usual professional style, documented everything while being barely noticeable. I've always loved the authenticity in his work — I don't Pottery Barn up the place for him because I know he's capturing our real life. The images I received today are beyond what I'd hoped, even knowing how good he is.

I didn't cry that first morning at drop-off, but Chan, you got me.

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