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Reusable Grocery Bag Giveaway,
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Monday, June 03, 2013

When Ben from ADK Packworks in Vermont emailed me about doing a giveaway, my first thought was, "You know you're a mom blogger when a reusable grocery bag giveaway gets you excited." I've been perfectly happy with my ten-year-old canvas bags — sure, they wear the stains of a decade of leaky yogurts and probably a lethal dose of salmonella, but they serve me well.

I was skeptical of the ADK Grocer bag when it arrived. It has a rigid frame, it's definitely heavier than my regular bags, and I knew "sold at Whole Foods" wouldn't be appealing to everyone (you can also buy them online). But when I took it to the grocery store and didn't arrive home with a smashed container of strawberries or bread with a milk carton impression in it, I was sold.

Then I took it to the farmers market (where I buy exactly zero vegetables because they have these breakfast burritos and man, I don't know what your local pigs taste like but my local pigs are DEEEElicious) and it didn't crush my container of Ukrainian dumplings (also not a vegetable) or the cinnamon bun (still not produce) Anna didn't want after all, because why not it only cost four freaking dollars. It's definitely my #1 farmers market bag, beach bag, and smuggling two six-packs into the neighborhood block party bag.

I made sure to snag an extra to give away. In the comments, tell me the best song you've heard playing at the grocery store. PLEASE SIGN IN TO COMMENT WITH YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS — I never save them, but haven't had luck contacting people via Facebook. I'll choose a winner at random on Friday, June 7th at 9 a.m. eastern time. Winners have 24 hours to respond.

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