Suburban Snapshots

A Day of Five, in Pictures

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I've definitely been feeling like five is a big milestone. The last traces of baby cheeks have melted into defined features and long legs, and though she still trips over her own shadow, gone are the clumsy grasps of unsure toddlerhood.

As I always do, I took Anna's portraits this year, but I also spent her birthday documenting what she's like right now. I think I'll plan to do this every year.

Five wakes up and asks for the iPad. (Five still sucks her thumb.)

Five adds the sprinkles all by herself.

Five gets herself dressed.

And carries the cupcakes to school.

Five is still small enough to be carried.

And big enough for her new two-wheeler.

Five is a real kid. Five is everything good in the world.

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