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A Thank You
Note for Preschool

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Thank you, parents whose children sport borderline dreadlocks because you, too have given up that fight.

Thanks to the personal trainer dad for making aware of my posture each morning at drop off.

And to the put-together mothers who ensure I don't show up in pajamas.

Thanks to the mom who has resigned herself to losing the rainboots-to-school battle.

Thank you, cook who tricked preschoolers into eating broccoli by adding ranch dip.

Thanks to the parent bulletin board, which has been uncharacteristically empty this flu season.

Thanks to the good teachers, who show up for work through lice scares, stomach bugs, and snow storms.

And thanks to the jaded, cynical teachers who gave us such appreciation for the dedicated ones.

Thanks to preschoolers past whose donated clothes and coats we've had to borrow more than once.

Thank you, mom wrangling 2, who patiently holds the door while my 1 meanders her way through it.

Thanks to the guy who leaves his car running at bitter cold drop-offs so I'm not the only asshole ignoring the "No Idling" sign.

Thanks to my friends' kids, who pounce on me with hugs and beg for playdates, "Anna's mom! Anna's mom!"

Thanks to the parents who read this blog for not mentioning all the stuff I write about my sex life.

Thanks to the infant room, where I donate Anna's baby things because giving them totally away would definitely jinx my uterus.

And thank you, preschool accountant, for randomly cashing 2 of my checks in 1 week, ensuring that my overdraft protection remains active.

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