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Everybody Has a Story

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I was having coffee with a friend the other morning and while I checked work emails and Facebook updates, she was trying to come up with something to say about herself at an upcoming staff meeting.

"This would be so easy for you — you're a photographer, you have the blog, you're so funny. I have nothing interesting to tell them."

This friend of mine has traveled to India, she's related by marriage to someone in a band I love, she's been in bar fights, has two great kids, and never has a single dish in her goddamned sink, ever. And I still can't hate her.

So sitting there I listed off all the stuff that I felt was interesting about her, and each time she had a reason why it wouldn't work. It made me think of our own perspectives and how we see ourselves — I love my life, my family, my work - but I don't find myself particularly interesting. I'm kind of just, regular, you know?

Sure, I can hold a conversation about lots of things, but compared to some of my friends my knowledge  is superficial at best. I know about different parts of the world, but I know more people who've gone to live in other parts of the world. I'm a homebody who hates flying and tiny hotel shampoos I have too much hair for. I'm funny, but I'm not particularly intellectual. I can hit a baseball surprisingly well but I'm not someone you'd call athletic.

This isn't an after school special about the girl with no self-esteem; I really do like myself. I appreciate my ability to make people feel comfortable and loved. I am proud every day that I make someone laugh. I'm doing a pretty good job raising a future member of society, and though I haven't been perfect or close, I am a damn fine wife.

If I were put on the spot to rattle off one interesting fact about myself, what would I say? Maybe that my husband and I are both left-handed, that all but one of my grandparents are still living, that my eyesight is 20/400, or that the only part of my Long Island accent I can't shake is the way I say "mirror". I guess it depends on the audience.

So tell me, what would you say? I know you're interesting. Everyone's got a story.

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