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With Love for "Dotter"

Sunday, October 28, 2012

We start our days, we kiss our families, drink our coffee, send spouses off to work and wait impatiently for children to dress for school. We take for granted the comfortably routine, where even the morning's frustrations feel soft and familiar.

On Thursday afternoon, this appeared in my news feed:

My routine of sitting down to work stubbornly didn't want to be interrupted. Surely I'd been misreading Bridget's blog for the past 2 years, surely where I believed all this time that "Dotter" was her child, she must have actually been a family pet. This is in no one's plan. This is neither comfortable nor routine. This can't be.

But my denial was evicted with the air leaving my chest, the involuntary contorting of my lips, unseated by the reality that a woman I've known through 2 years of shared stories, comments, and emails, had suffered the loss that we all spend so much time trying not to consider, the one that compels us buy $500 car seats and wait with our kids at the bus stop. It's the reason we don't watch the news anymore, it's why we pay for swimming lessons and bicycle helmets.

On Wednesday evening, Bridget lost her 11-year-old daughter in a car accident. Her bright, thoughtful, generous daughter, taken in a horrible instant.

I've never met Bridget in person, but over 2 years she's made me spit-take onto my laptop, she's told stories about her dad and sister that have doubled me over, she's posted hilarious texts from her husband and teenage daughter that I've dictated to my husband between guffaws, and on several occasions she's silenced me with gasping laughter.

Over 2 years I've admired her as a writer — today I grieve for her as a mother.

Please help us support Bridget and her family. We've set up a fundraiser to cover practical expenses so that they have time to heal with one less worry. Any donations, prayers, and kind thoughts are welcome. Donate here until November 2nd, leave your messages in comments. Thank you.

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