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Learning to b Positive:
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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Right now, I have friends who are dealing with excruciatingly bad circumstances. I know families coping with devastating illness. I love people who are experiencing losses, and struggling through hardships. I know some amazing humans who I look at and wonder how they function each day -- regular people who are braver than any movie hero, as strong as any soldier, and tougher than I hope I ever have to be.

And I guess the thing that keeps them from collapsing in on themselves is their ability to be hopeful, to see the positive in what those of us on the outside consider hopeless. Because life isn't always good, and it's not always fair, and frankly, sometimes it sucks pretty hard.

The b Positive Project was created out of a desire to help families stuck in difficult situations. Its founder wasn't in a great spot in his own life and decided that instead of wallowing in misery, he'd send some kids in-need to a baseball game. His plan worked, it succeeded beyond his expectations, and so he kept going. And he's still going.

What I love about the b Positive Project is that it doesn't sell the message that life is awesome all the time, but that even in the midst of life kind of sucking, there's goodness. There's laughter, there's still life. "In light of adversity, b Positive."

I'm no hippie, but I believe it. I've seen people find reserves of positivity during some overwhelmingly bad times. I have friends who are there right now. Somehow, they keep going.

If you think there's some truth to this and want to wear the message, leave a comment to be entered for a b Positive tee. They're soft, comfy, and cut to be flattering (I can only speak for women's, but assume the same goes for men's.) I'll choose a winner on Friday the 19th at 9 a.m. 12 p.m. ET.

So next time you're about to end a status update with my recent pet peeve, "FML", consider what's going right for you, get a little perspective, and see if you can't b Positive.

FYI: I don't share or use any email addresses you provide when commenting. I'm not that savvy.

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