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I Invented a New Disease,
Let's Recover Together

Sunday, July 01, 2012

In the last couple of months it's occurred to me that I am much happier with my surroundings when I'm not watching $50,000 home makeover shows or cruising Pinterest or reading This Old House's "simple" remodeling tips or prostrating myself on the cool, glassy countertops at Ikea.

We are bombarded by professionally-styled photographs that make our own kitchens seem dark and dated. Entire channels are dedicated to remodeling and while I'm all for home improvement, I think it would serve us well to turn that shit off, look around and ask ourselves whether Brazilian rare wood floors are really the key to contentment.

The Interwebs is giving us all a case of the inadequates, or as I've named this new disease, BAFS (Before-and-After Fatigue Syndrome, trademark pending). If, like me, you are exhausted by the constant onslaught of staged dining tables swathed in ethereal window light and children's rooms with only perfectly symmetrical messes and nary a stray Lego, take a moment to tour my actual house — my company-is-not-imminent state of existence.

Have you overcome BAFS? Do you hate when those people on makeover shows get all nitpicky about double vanities? Leave a comment, let me know what you've decided to be happy with.

The wine left in that glass is a sin!

Where I work.
Where Anna works.

Sometimes the dogs let us sleep here.

Where she's outgrown the playhouse and learned to swing.

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