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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Since I stole my Mother's Day post from an idea Mommy Shorts sparked, I'm also plagiarizing her very sweet Father's Day meme. (Thanks, Ilana. And congratulations!)

I'm Dealing With the Dad Who...
Gets Anna's teeth brushed and puts her to bed every night
(and sometimes at naptime).

Does all of our laundry, including folding.
Washes the dishes after dinner, even if my recipe totals the kitchen.
Makes a mean Sunday breakfast.
Works with his hands, without complaint.

Refuses to use turn-by-turn driving directions.
Is strict about Anna's eating habits, but lenient about bedtimes.
Is one of the most genuine people I've known.
Is figuring out the skills he can teach his little girl.

This week, Anna asked to have the training wheels taken off of her bicycle. Steve did it, then spent half an hour hunched over, holding her upright as she circled the block. This will be our job for a while, helping her find her balance and then watching her go. I hope when she's old enough she'll realize how lucky she is that this man — the one who gave her those big, brown eyes — will always be right behind her.

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