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Fresh, Part 539

Sunday, February 06, 2011

So it's looking like all the people who'd warned me that three would be worse than two were probably right. You know how much I hate that?

In addition to all kinds of new adorableness, like the way she tucks in her babies, insists on hugging me tight any time she kisses me, and singing age-inappropriate hip-hop lyrics while pushing her shopping cart around the house, Anna's also growing more and more mouthy. She's answering back like a door-slamming teenager, "No I DIDN'T!" She sometimes swats at us when she's frustrated; despite her increasing dexterity, she's taken to having episodes whenever her tights won't pull up or her jeans won't zip, howling a chorus of, "I caaaaaaaaan't!"

She's definitely gone through stubborn, frustrating phases before — a better blogger would link back to the full series of posts — but she's smarter now, and she's looking so much like a little girl. It seems like with a lot of the trouble she makes, she really is cognizant enough to know better. Most of the time I swear she's just. not. listening, "Anna, don't walk on the dog. Anna, don't walk on the dog. Anna, PLEASE stop walking on the [internal expletives deleted] dog." (Replace "walk on the dog" with anything from "touch the computer screen" to "put that in your mouth.") until the child has to be physically removed from the dog and possibly given a time-out.

I'm not sure whether it's more like living with a sociopath or a stoner.

Despite her testing boundaries and growing independence, she still insists I accompany her on every bathroom visit. Now yes, I know I'll miss her needing me like this one day when she's stealing my car keys and looking at me like I do nothing but ruin her life on a minute-by-minute basis, but I think I've satisfied the sentimental memory requirement for Sitting on Edge of Tub Watching Toddler Grimace on Toilet like, three or four times over.

I officially have two months and nine days until she's really three, and I'm hoping this isn't just the wind-up. I'll ask you all kindly to shut your traps about four.

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