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Saturday, January 29, 2011

I wasn't sure after writing that first post about starting counseling if it was something I should be sharing. I know some of our family learned what was going on for the first time when they got the subscription email, and looking back I probably should have given them a courtesy heads up. I had Steve read the entry before sending it into the Intertubes, and then promptly invited you all into our circumstance.

Steve rarely used to read this blog but has always supported it and knows me to be a bit of a sharer — okay, a total over-sharer with a borderline addiction to Facebook — and he's incredibly understanding about that. I read the best comments to him and we talk about them; last week he was moved to respond.

Some friends haven't posted comments publicly here, but have emailed me. Some readers I don't personally know have done the same. I thought I was writing about Steve's and my situation to clear my own head, thinking maybe a few readers had struggled some in their own partnerships, anticipating a handful of supportive or sympathetic responses.

You all have done so much more than that. I am humbled and so grateful for the comments you've been leaving here — paragraphs long — offering advice, insight, or stories of your own. I knew Steve and I weren't the first couple to have trouble, but to hear from so many of you, and from real-life friends who I would never have suspected of having anything but turbulence-free marriages, well it's elevated this blog from something I do to nurture my snark into something more important.

I've felt for a long time that this was a one-woman show — just me, typing away, hoping to amuse you or engage you, or just stoking my own narcissism. But your contributions lately have been so much more than responses to what I've been sharing, they're meaningful, they've surrounded me with all kinds of goodness and elevated these isolated musings into something like a community.

So thank you, sincerely. Especially in the midst of everything, I am grateful to be in such good company.

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