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You Like Me, You Really Like Me

Monday, October 18, 2010

Or more accurately, Ninja Mom over at Ninja Mom Blog likes me enough to have included me in some kind of pyramid scheme bestowed my little slice of blogdom with the Versatile Blogger Award. Because I'm versatile enough to holler at my dogs to shut their yaps, tell my daughter to go freaking potty by herself already, and provide you all with semi-regular updates on the state of my undercarriage.

But with great power comes great responsibility, so in keeping with the award's rules I thank you, Ninja Mom, both for the award and for cracking me up, and while I can't even think of 15 bloggers to pass this on to, I can at least getcha' 3. And finally, 7 things that somehow in all my constant not-shutting-up, you may not already know about me:

1. I love, respect, and refuse to eat any form of shark.
2. I am not scared to catch frogs in my hands, but hate stepping on bugs.
3. I have a birthmark on the front of my nose that looks like a speck of chocolate.
4. I can burp on command.
5. I once had a letter published in Rolling Stone. It was about Alias.
6. I was kicked out of the Gifted and Talented program twice.
7. I'm left-handed.

Now, the three of you who I'm tagging to keep the lovefest rolling (selections based on post frequency/hilarity):

1. Let Me Start By Saying
2. My Convertible Life
3. Naps Happen

Go spread the award love, you bunch of goddamn hippies.

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