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Sweaters for Sheep

Monday, October 04, 2010

Here's the kind of story I find myself telling people and then realizing I'm One of Those People. So I'm telling you, because you're on The Internets and can't give me that "I'm nodding as though I agree with your assessment of the adorableness of this exchange but am actually going to wander into another room now and talk about more interesting things, like the spinach dip en boule" look.

Driving to Maine on Saturday morning, the long road from the highway to my parents' is full of rolling hills, hay bales, and the occasional farm animal. On this day we passed a herd of sheep, each missing its thick, gray coat.

"Look, Anna. The sheep are missing their fur. Do you know why? They cut the fur off and make clothes and warm things out of it." She asks, "By themselfs?" Stifling my chuckle, "No, baby. People sheer the sheep. They take the fur and make yarn, like we see at the farmers' market. And then they knit sweaters."

"For the sheep?" she asks.

Beautiful photo taken by Channing Johnson. He is amazing.

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