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Hey, Jealousy?

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

It's pretty easy to break my husband, or anyone, down into good and bad qualities. Obviously the good usually outweighs the bad, and the bad with Steve is mostly just annoying and nothing at the level of like, "German porn addict" or "Glenn Beck."

For example:
He tends to get a little drinky at parties.
He packs WAY too much, and mostly socks.
He's constantly, forever, perpetually blowing his nose.
He can't find anything ever.
The map thing.

He's also one of the hardest working men I've ever known, a patient and involved dad, the easy-going to my what-if. He's very non-judgmental (though sometimes when I just want him to agree that so-and-so is a total asshole, this characteristic isn't my most favorite) and obviously he has a sense of humor — I keep trying to get him to start a blog, but what with all the baby-raising and keeping-a-roof-over-our heads I guess he can't manage to find the time.

But he's got this one trait that I'm conflicted over — the man NEVER gets jealous. And I'm not asking for table-flipping outbursts, or even heated-discussion jealousy. But he actually once said to me these words, "Honey, I wouldn't be mad if you left me for some other dude, because he'd probably be a pretty cool guy." I mean people, WTF is that? I'm fairly certain he offered me up to a friend at the last big party we attended (see also: negative trait #1, above).

I'd like to come in the door after a night out for which I've actually applied make up and proper footwear, and get a cockeyed look, a raised brow, a suspicious glance at my cell phone. As it is I could walk into the house slurring with half a condom wrapper stuck to my pants and he'd be all like "Have a good time, Hon?"

I guess I'm lucky to have such a loving, trusting, even-keeled guy around to put up with my crap and raise my kid, but seriously, what's a girl got to do to get some old fashioned, green-eyed validation around here?

Dress in photo is from The Grace Boutique on Etsy and I love it (I get asked often, they aren't paying me).

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